• Yolanda McAdam

Planetary Magick - Free PDF of Magickal Correspondences

Updated: Oct 12

Planetary magick is enjoying a revival and so with that in mind, I have created a handy PDF of correspondences to aid you in your practice. Planetary magick or astrological magick dates back to Babylonian times. The planets are individuals with distinct personalities. They are not lifeless spheres orbiting a random star. If you accept this as fact then you can build a mutually rewarding relationship with them. Planetary magick is for everyone. You don’t have to be an astrologer, magician or a witch to build a relationship with the planets. But do know that by working with the planets your magickal abilities will be enhanced and you will be remediating your natal chart. Remediation is the practice of reducing any harmful influences that come from the planetary positions in your natal chart or from a challenging planetary transit.

So how can the planets assists us?

Each planet rules an aspect of our psyche and is symbolically associated with specific drives and desires. For example, if you would like more friends you want to build a relationship with Venus as she rules friendship and social interactions.