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Pluto and Pluto Retrograde horoscopes

Updated: May 1, 2021

There is nothing subtle about Pluto. You either participate in your evolution in a conscious manner or Pluto drops bomb after bomb until you’re left with nothing but the clothes you’re wearing. Pluto is that intense.

The modern ruler of Scorpio, Pluto is the planet of the cycle of death and rebirth. But not literal death. Pluto is the planet of metaphorical death. In the Hindu pantheon of Gods like Vishnu, Ganesha, Kali etc Pluto is like Shiva the Destroyer. If you are a devotee, like I am of Lord Shiva, you will have a good idea of how Pluto works to remove and replace patterns of behaviour and thinking. Pluto’s energy detoxifies, exorcises, purges and obliterates.

At a mass level Pluto represents what Jung called the “collective unconscious” and on a personal level, Pluto represents our emotional depths and the destructive but also transformative powers of the Shadow. Pluto is a catalyst and Pluto-ruled people often serve as catalysts in the lives of others.

How can you tell if you have a strong Pluto signature in your birth chart?

  • Three or more planets (a stellium) in Scorpio

  • Pluto on your Ascendant/Descendant

  • Pluto rules your Ascendant (Scorpio)

  • Pluto on your Midheaven/IC

  • Pluto in your 8th house

Pluto bears striking similarities to Mars, the traditional ruler of Scorpio. Both planets are planets of action and defense. And both represent the instinct of self-preservation.


What is worth defending and preserving for future generations?

Pluto is currently still making his slow way through Capricorn (2008- 2024). This means that the house in which Capricorn sits in your birth chart is undergoing a transformation.

For example: If Capricorn is your 1st House (which means you’re a Capricorn Rising) then you’re experiencing profound changes to your self-identity. You’re grappling with questions like “Who am I?” “Who am I becoming?” “How does the world see me?” “How do I want to be seen?”.

Pluto retrograde 27 April - 6 October, 2021

Pluto retrogrades for about 5 months every year and when in retrograde Pluto’s impact is mostly psychological and will center around issues of power, worth and forbidden (taboo) practices. Because Pluto moves so slowly the topics being addressed during this retrograde period are not new. You've undoubtedly been dealing with these issues since Pluto's ingress into Capricorn in 2008. However, retrograde periods offer us another chance to get things right.

Pluto retrograde through the houses:

1st house: Renewed sense of self or a re-commitment to exploring your resources (talents).

2nd house: Replace your old values with new more meaningful values that align with the new you. A question that needs to be answered at this time is: What are you worth?

3rd house: Reimagine your community and your place within it. How can your resources (skills, money etc) empower and aid others?

4th house: Tear down metaphorical structures of dependency and rebuild from a place of strength and authentic power.

5th house: Revisit creative projects and give birth to a creative dream (also potentially have a child).

6th house: Focus on detoxing and strengthening your body. Find meaning in your work.

7th house: End power struggles and seek new relationships founded on mutual love and respect.

8th house: Revisit something taboo. Be willing to explore the forbidden and from a psychological point of view break the chains of fear that hold you back.

9th house: Transform your attitude towards spirituality. Re-examine your biases.

10th house: Re-address issues of power in the workplace or re-examine your own attitude towards power and people in positions of authority. Question to be answered at this time is Are you an authority in your field? How are you sharing your knowledge?

11th house: Re-examine your friendships and affiliations. Break away from superficial relationships.

12th house: Re-commit to spiritual exploration and consider starting an ancestral practice.




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