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Pluto in the Angular Houses

Pluto in the angular houses #astrologypost #learnastrology

Pluto’s ingress into Aquarius on March 23rd means that he is no longer in direct opposition to my Sun and Mars in Cancer but he is still making it hard for me to get “a lot done”. I caught a cold at the end of February that took three weeks to shake. Two of those weeks were spent in bed with a sore throat and a cough. When I felt better I came down with another weird infection that I sorted out by eating more fermented foods. I knew that Pluto was at work because Pluto as Scorpio’s co-ruler (the traditional ruler is Mars) rules our blood, bowels and reproductive system which includes the urinary tract.

If you have Pluto in opposition or square your Sun or Moon you will want to prioritize your gut health. (Pluto is in Aquarius opposing any planets in the early degrees 1-7º of Leo and squaring any planets in the early degrees of Taurus and Scorpio). I tend to work with an orb of 7º but you may choose to go as high as 10º.

Pluto will be in Aquarius from 23 March to 11 June, 2023 and then from 20 January, 2024 to 1 September, 2024 and finally 19 November, 2024 to 8 March, 2043. In between he retreats back into Capricorn to tie up loose ends.

Pluto forces you to eliminate things. Elimination as in the expulsion of something from your body and/or the destruction or removal of something. Pluto does this in order to make space for something better. The themes that dominate with Pluto are Birth, Death and Rebirth.

When transiting Pluto moves through a house he pushes us to get rid of an outmoded way of thinking and being and to rejuvenate what we decide to keep.

I wanted to focus on the angular houses in this post because Pluto transiting any of your angles (Ascendant, Descendant, Midheaven and IC) is an experience you will remember for the rest of your life. Pluto moves so slowly you are given a period of about five years to decide what changes you will make during his long transit. For example, Aquarius is my first house (Asc) and on the day of Pluto’s ingress I came to certain realizations regarding a long term goal of mine and have already started preparations for a big change in a few years time.

If you journal here are two questions for reflection:

What needs to change and how do I know this change has to be made?

What am I keeping/holding onto and how will I update it or “renew” it?

Pluto in the Angular Houses

First House

Strip away all that is superfluous and unnecessary

When Pluto moves through your 1st house you are in possession of newfound knowledge or valuable self-understanding. Something has been awakened in you or been brought to consciousness. You will completely revolutionize your life including how you present yourself to the world. If you have planets in your first house, they will indicate the areas in your life that will be overhauled and transformed.

Fourth House

Get your house in order

Your foundations will be tested literally and metaphorically. Your home may be in need of repair or renovation and the beliefs you have inherited specifically from your parents (mother mostly) will need to be expelled or renewed. You will either move away from your place or country of birth or return to your hometown.

Seventh House

Change your attitude towards relationships

Pluto will demand either a breaking away from your partner or a recommitment to your relationship. Close partnerships are tested. If you have been growing and changing (as you should because you’re a healthy evolving being) then your partner should be growing too. If that has not been the case, this transit brings frustration and resentment. The best way to navigate this transit is to learn how to listen without interrupting. Pluto always brings an element of power into everything and stonewalling, blaming, disinterest and shaming are common manifestations during this transit.

Tenth House

No shortcuts

The spotlight falls on your career and reputation. You may change career. During the first five years of this ingress focus on working towards any major career goals so that you can maximize the potential for acclaim and recognition later on. You may attract shady characters during this time and you may be tempted to engage in something unethical. Needless to say you should walk away from anything that could harm your reputation down the line.

Now over to you.

I'd love to know if Pluto is now moving through one of your angular houses and what has come up for you in these early days of Pluto's ingress. Leave a comment.