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Pluto Stations Direct In Capricorn

Pluto stations direct tomorrow, October 2, at 20 degrees 38' in Capricorn. When a planet begins or ends its retrograde cycle, its movement across the sky seems to slow down almost to a stop. This is called stationing.

The energy or archetypes of the planet are amplified when it stations - so for Pluto, we can expect an amplification of events or experiences that demand, even force, change and transformation.

If you are particularly sensitive to the shifting energy, you may have already begun the Pluto-influenced process of looking deep within yourself at what drives you to do the things you do and also, conversely, what stops you from doing the things you really want to do.

Because Pluto is visiting Capricorn, the sign of the ambitious and self-sufficient Water-Goat, your underlying motives may have a lot to do with perception and status.

For example:

You do what you do because it is expected of you and because it's the "conventional" or "tried and tested" way to the top of your own Everest.

And, or...

You don't do what you really want to do because a) what would your mother say or b) you don't want to be labeled "flaky" or crazy or c) you don't believe you have what it takes to make your own way in the world.

Pluto also compels change at a global level, so do your part to help bring about positive change to issues that impact us all.

The overall invitation at this time is to pay extreme attention to yourself, to others, to life, and to take the next step.

What follows is a brief account of the areas marked for transformation by Pluto for each sun sign (if you know your Ascendant, please read that too).


If you've been feeling like an airplane waiting on the runway for permission to take off, you're about to get the go-ahead this week. Your work life and career prospects are going to improve.


You've got the go-ahead to visit that temple or ashram or walk The Camino. Travel and spiritual quests are favoured until June, 2020.


You are going through an intense process of self-renewal. Pluto will continue to agitate and shine a spotlight on unresolved issues that have to do with sex, inheritances, joint finances, and power struggles. Let go and welcome the changes.


It's looking good for partnerships of all kinds - romantic and business. Ask yourself: Who do I admire? Who do I want to get to know better? Now go and reach out!


You need to take a closer look at your daily routine. Do you make time for your physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing? Pluto is pushing you to take better care of yourself - body, mind, and spirit.


Pluto is transitting your house of romance, children and creative projects. If you're looking for love, any relationship started during this time will change your world in every way and probably lead to commitment - and children. If you're an artist or creative entrepreneur, the work you produce over the next nine months will be powerful and transformative.


You may have to move house or across the country or even abroad during this Pluto transit but if that doesn't happen, there's a good chance you will make major changes to your current residence so that it feels more like "home".


How do you communicate and relate to others? Do you come across as "moody", prickly or unapproachable? What negative self-beliefs about yourself and others have you been holding onto? How can you communicate with more compassion and openness?


Pluto is asking you to embrace your true self while still being financially responsible and self-sufficient. Consider starting a savings plan.


This is an intense period of personal growth if you are ready to face some uncomfortable truths. Get to the source of issues like anger or sadness and focus on making changes that will make you happier and better.


Pluto is going to dredge up stuff from your past and if you haven't yet started doing the work of healing, you are invited to consider any or all of the following: therapy, dream analysis, reiki, EFT and sound healing.


Watch for power struggles with friends or in groups and then ask yourself if you're the one with the desire to manipulate or exert your influence. If the answer is yes, seek help to deal with the underlying fear or anxiety.




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