• Yolanda McAdam

Prosperity Spell

Updated: Feb 10

Magickal tip and Prosperity Spell for the Week of 8-14 February


Before doing any magickal work you need to be clear on what it is you are asking for. Any lack of clarity will cancel out your spell. Asking for prosperity for example, is not the same as asking for $10 000. Prosperity comes from the Latin word “prosperare” which means “to succeed". So when you say you want to prosper you are saying you want to flourish and thrive. The Universe picks up on this and then helps you flourish which can be defined as having a roof over your head, a car that runs, food on the table...you get the picture.

The first thing then, is be specific. Do you need an emergency sum of money or do you need a job? Do you need to be recognized at work or do you need a pay rise?

When it comes to money, I rarely ask for a specific amount of money because that puts a limit on what the Universe is capable of giving but I do know people who have had great success asking for specific amounts. That said you have to start with a NEED.

Know this…