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Prosperity Spell

Updated: Feb 10, 2021

Magickal tip and Prosperity Spell for the Week of 8-14 February


Before doing any magickal work you need to be clear on what it is you are asking for. Any lack of clarity will cancel out your spell. Asking for prosperity for example, is not the same as asking for $10 000. Prosperity comes from the Latin word “prosperare” which means “to succeed". So when you say you want to prosper you are saying you want to flourish and thrive. The Universe picks up on this and then helps you flourish which can be defined as having a roof over your head, a car that runs, food on the get the picture.

The first thing then, is be specific. Do you need an emergency sum of money or do you need a job? Do you need to be recognized at work or do you need a pay rise?

When it comes to money, I rarely ask for a specific amount of money because that puts a limit on what the Universe is capable of giving but I do know people who have had great success asking for specific amounts. That said you have to start with a NEED.

Know this…

Any magick work initiated in a state of hopefulness will fail. Hope is not the same as knowing. If you have any doubts about your ability to attract what you need your spells will not work.


The Moon is in her waning crescent phase today (8 February) and will be NEW on Thursday. We do not do attraction spells while the Moon is waning but there are things you should start now in order to do your spell this weekend. Also a quick note, do NOT do money or attraction spells on the day of the New Moon as the Moon has no light. The best time for a money spell this week would be Sunday either during the Sun’s hour or Jupiter’s hour.

You can begin the work though today or tomorrow with the Moon’s waning light.

Commit to letting go of anything you no longer need or use. This is also an excellent time to clean and smudge your home (if you can actually open your windows, which I can’t since we’re in the grips of a Polar vortex). I will remind you on Thursday (FB group) but the 11th is a fantastic day for giving thanks as Jupiter and Venus will be conjunct. Make sure you write a gratitude list or note this Thursday during Jupiter’s hour. (Use an app like Time Nomad or visit for Jupiter’s hour in your timezone)


Candle spells are effective because they contain all four elements. The wax is the earth element, flame is fire, molten wax is water and oxygen for the flame is the element of air. For attracting money, the candle colour should be green and is the colour associated with Venus. If you’re wanting to attract more luck or a promotion for example then you will use a blue or purple candle which corresponds to Jupiter. I recommend you use a small tapered candle or a birthday candle to save time.


  1. Cleanse the candle. Unless you’re making your own candles you have to cleanse your store bought candles. You can do this by cleansing your candle with incense smoke like frankincense or dragon’s blood. You can also roll the candle in sea salt.

  2. Dress the candle. This is optional but I do recommend you carve your initials and the glyph of the planet whose help you require on the candle. Venus for money (and health). Jupiter for success and good luck. You can anoint the candle with olive oil or jojoba oil and roll it in prosperity herbs and spices like basil, cinnamon and cloves. When rubbing the oil on the candle do so from top down.

  3. Charge the candle. Hold the candle in your hands and think about what you want to attract. Say out loud “ I see myself …” and visualize yourself receiving or accomplishing what you want. Fill the candle with that energy. Make sure your candle is then placed in a holder before lighting it. Let the candle burn until it goes out on its own.

I ask (deity/Universe/Goddess/God) to grant me ______________for ____________(your need) in a manner that harms none. So mote it be.

4. Altar. While this is not absolutely necessary, I recommend you write out your petition to the deity, ascended master or saint you most connect with and place it under the candle on an altar or a table you have set aside for this purpose. You can also place a copy of your bank statement on which you have written your desired amount or place a dollar bill under the candle.



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