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Rituals for 18/2/22

The next two weeks offer many opportunities for spiritual growth and ecstatic self-transformation. Today I’ll be sharing info and rituals for this coming Friday.

Friday, 18 February

Jupiter sextile Uranus. When these two thunder-bolt loving Gods align, we are struck. And not necessarily from “above” which we have been led to believe is somehow “better” than within or below. What strikes will, in all probability, come from within. A newfound wisdom will send down rhizomes.

Remember, Uranus in Taurus is living soil. He awakens us to what lies beneath the surface and invites kinship with the non-human. On the other hand, Jupiter in Pisces invites kinship with the more-than-human. We have a perfect day for calling in relationship with both divine beings and animals, plants and rocks etc.

To manifest conscious and reciprocal alliances, begin with meditation and spend time outdoors. Pause beside trees, make offerings of tobacco, or cornmeal or water. Sit beside a stream or river. Greet the undines, the earthworms, the birds…

In Chinese Astrology, Friday the 18th (18/2/2022) is the day of the Water Tiger. A very auspicious day as 2022 is the year of the Water Tiger. The tiger is considered the king of all animals in Chinese mythology and culture and symbolizes power, courage, confidence, leadership and strength.

It's also the animal that expels all evil.

The hours between 3-5AM belong to the Water Tiger. If you are up between those hours it’s an excellent time to meditate as it is believed the Gods walk among us during those hours.

Try this:

Tonglen meditation.

Tonglen literally means “taking and sending” and is a Tibetan Buddhist practice for relieving suffering of ourselves, others, and the world. There are many guided meditations on YouTube. I can highly recommend Pema Chodron’s videos.

Do not...

Make this about yourself.

This is not the time to write down intentions or recite affirmations. You want to be open and receptive to divine help. Allow yourself to be filled with auspicious and benefic energy. Feel yourself enveloped in pure divine light.

Sun in Pisces

On the same day, the Sun moves into Pisces. Pisces is the ocean. It is the sign of vastness and reverie and more importantly, the sign of possibility. When the Sun travels through Pisces we are guided by Mystery.

Honour Jupiter and Neptune this day by wearing something iridescent or violet. If you live near the ocean, try to spend time on the beach.

If you must work on this day, don’t work too hard. Stake out time for dreaming, poetry, music and gazing into the distance.