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Rocks and pebbles as Magickal Allies

The beach in summertime is one of the best places to observe kinship. The family sitting under a beach umbrella on towels and rugs, eating watermelon. The young man with a frisbee and his dog. The older couple strolling hand in hand where the water breaks and foams. The seagulls swooping overhead…

When we think of kinship, which is a web of relations, we tend to think of human beings and pets as kin. But kinship extends beyond our immediate environment and limited vision.

I have always been obsessed with rocks and pebbles. Blame it on my Earth Grand Trine (Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn). As a child I lined them up on window sills and like many children of my generation, I always had a smooth pebble either in a jean pocket or in my school bag.

This habit of sheltering rocks continues to this day. One of the first things you will notice, should you ever come over for tea, are - you guessed it - the rows of pebbles on our window sills.

Pebbles and rocks like animals, plants and their sparklier cousins, crystals, are allies and companions. If you are a practicing witch you may even consider them your familiars. However, while there is a lot written and shared about animal, plant and crystal allies, you won’t find much on pebbles and rocks unless it’s about using rocks and pebbles as wards.

While I will touch on the subject of magical barriers (wards), I hope to show you how to build a relationship founded on reciprocal affection and respect with these beings.

About rocks and pebbles

Rock is the foundation of the surface of the Earth. We live on rock, grow food on rock and generally depend on it. Rocks are billions of years old; making them wise beyond our comprehension. Pebbles form when rock is broken down by processes like rain, freeze/thaw and heating. They are moved around by water, wind and ice. While part of the Earth element, each and every pebble is also a child of Water, Air and Fire.

Rocks are not crystals but can be worked with in much the same way as their more colorful cousins.

There are 3 different groups of rocks. Igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic. Igneous rocks form when magma cools, so they originate from the fiery heart of Mother Earth. Volcanic rocks correspond celestially and mythologically with Pluto, the God of the Underworld and all Volcano and Underworld Gods and Goddesses. A rock for example from any of the Hawaiian volcanoes is a child of Pele, the powerful Hawaiian Goddess of Volcanoes.

An igneous rock is hard, heavy and more often than not, speckled.

Sedimentary rocks form at the Earth’s surface so no great heat or pressure there but they are weathered by wind, water and ice. A sedimentary rock shows evidence of erosion by water and/or wind, sometimes contains fossils and is layered.

Metamorphic rocks are formed when pre-existing rocks are changed by heat and pressure deep in the Earth. They often form bands of different colours.

Choosing a rock or pebble ally

It’s been my experience that more often than not, a rock or pebble ally chooses you. You know this is the case, if you come across a captivating pebble in an unexpected place, like a car park or on a city sidewalk. I say, captivating, because the pebble will have captured your attention and anytime your eye is drawn to something, you need to give it your attention.

The same thing happens if you sit on a pebble beach. There are literally thousands if not millions of pebbles on a beach and yet, there will be that one pebble that draws your attention.

Pick it up.

Sit a while with the pebble. The beaches here in Vancouver are strewn with logs, so I like to sit on a log with my pebble friend for a minimum of thirty minutes. Hold the pebble in your dominant hand and see if you receive any “impressions”. With beach pebbles, the very first impression usually has to do with water as they are submerged in water for hours every day. Impressions will tell you something about the pebbles "energy". It’s common to see colours when you sit with pebbles and by colours I don’t mean like an aura around the pebble (although if you see auras that may be how you determine your pebble’s nature). The pebble will “transmit” a colour that will give you an indication of the pebble’s energy and how that pebble can assist you.

Here is a quick list of colour significations and how your pebble can assist you...

Red: Confidence, love, passion, seduction

Root chakra

Orange: Success, creativity, excitement, opportunities

Sacral chakra

Yellow: Charm, happiness, intelligence, mental wellbeing

Solar Plexus Chakra

Purple: Power, magic, recognition

Crown Chakra

Green: Growth, compassion, healing, wealth, plant magic

Heart Chakra

Blue: Psychic powers, empathy, wisdom, openness

Light blue is a very protective and healing colour.

Throat chakra