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  • Yolanda McAdam

Saturn in Aquarius (17 December, 2020 - 7 March, 2023)

Updated: Feb 17, 2021

Saturn’s ingress into Capricorn will be remembered for the COVID-19 pandemic but we should also remember that Saturn has been methodically dissolving and tearing down structures and systems rooted in all the “isms” since December, 2017. Materialism, Elitism, Racism, Sexism…This will continue as the Cosmic plan for unity and wholeness requires a serious commitment to healing and relearning.

In the sign of the Water- Bearer, Aquarius, Saturn is going to turn his steady and dissolving eye on groups and societies (open or secret). He is going to continue to restrict/limit the size of group gatherings for example but also pass judgement on those created for and engaged in nefarious purposes - like sex trafficking rings. I expect the downfall of many criminal groups will come about through expert Internet sleuthing because Aquarius is the sign of the internet.

While Saturn (and Pluto) may have been responsible for the pandemic, it is Saturn who in scientific-minded and innovative Aquarius will continue to produce vaccines and bring solutions. In myth it was Saturn (Kronos) who helped his mother, Gaia (Mother Earth) separate from Uranus (Heaven). Saturn fights for his mother’s preservation so we will be seeing more countries uniting to fight global warming and stop climate change. The climate emergency will dominate the news and while there will be challenges to implementing new policies etc, Saturn’s hard aspect to Uranus all year also hints at some truly innovative solutions.

Dr Jane Goodall, born with Saturn in Aquarius

What Saturn in Aquarius means for you

Saturn is in his joy in Aquarius. This means that Saturns’ excessively cold and dry nature is lifted by Aquarius’ hot and moist qualities. Saturn is also the diurnal triplicity ruler of the air signs (Gemini, Libra and Aquarius). All this tells us that Saturn is in a better disposition in Aquarius than when he travelled through his other home sign of Capricorn where his cold and dry nature was exacerbated.

Saturn becomes more fluid in Aquarius and one of the manifestations of Saturn’s transit will be increased acceptance of gender fluidity for example.

William Lilly describes Saturn’s nature as follows: the author of solitariness...profound in Imagination, in his Acts severe, in words reserved, in speaking and giving very spare, in labour patient, in arguing or disputing grave, in obtaining the goods of this life studious and solicitous. (William Lilly, Christian Astrology) This description immediately brings to mind The Hermit (Tarot). The Hermit is the seeker of wisdom and I foresee that Saturn will encourage us to seek out teachers but also to share our individual light and wisdom. There is a call to awaken to our true nature. We are spiritual beings having a human experience. Remember too that teachers appear when we are ready and that sometimes the best teachers are often the people we least expect.

William Blake, born with Saturn in Aquarius

In Capricorn, Saturn made clear that somethings are worth fighting for and “enduring” for the greater good, in Aquarius he asks you to rediscover the things you left behind on your path as many of these things will bring you newfound inspiration and joy.

If you have any planets or points in Aquarius, Saturn will conjoin them at some point during his transit (2020-2023). This conjunction will restructure your life in significant ways (look to the house ruled by Aquarius in your birth chart for further clues).

Saturn’s role is to challenge us to grow, take more responsibility and learn to build and respect boundaries. Here are the lessons highlighted by Saturn’s transit through Aquarius.

Please read the below preferably by HOUSE (if you have a copy of your birth chart). If you don’t, please read for your Sun sign.

Saturn in 1st house:

(Sun sign Aquarius)

Saturn will help you define who you are. You will create a self-image that is aligned with your new perspective. The time has come to own your power.

Saturn in the 2nd house:

(Sun sign Capricorn)

Saturn will help you realize that you are not what you own. Embrace your talents and values as they are your greatest resources. Be cautious with your spending.

Saturn in the 3rd house:

(Sun sign Sagittarius)

Saturn invites you to develop a new way of communicating and to reconnect or build stronger relationships with siblings and neighbours. This is a transit of enormous learning and an excellent time to commit to a course of study or a writing project.

Saturn in the 4th house:

(Sun sign in Scorpio)

Saturn will assist you in building or rebuilding the foundations of your life for what is to come as well as the emotional strength you need to resolve old emotional wounds. If you own a home, it will in all likelihood need extra loving care during this transit.

Saturn in the 5th house:

(Sun sign in Libra)

Saturn will provide the discipline required to do something meaningful with your talents. If you have children you will learn to develop boundaries that are helpful for both their physical and emotional development. You will fall in love with life.

Saturn in the 6th house:

(Sun sign in Virgo)

Saturn will help you find responsible ways to take care of yourself. You will define boundaries in order to work effectively with others. Saturn will stabilize your workplace and ensure job security.

Saturn in the 7th house:

(Sun sign in Leo)

Saturn will help you define what is important to you in a partner. You will learn to stand up for yourself. You will delegate responsibilities and attract people into your life who will impart important lessons.

Saturn in the 8th house:

(Sun sign in Cancer)

You have reached an important milestone. In order to move forward you have to let go of addictions, attachments and emotional patterns that are holding you back. Dig deep. Saturn asks, are you overpowering or empowering others? And, who has power over you?

Saturn in the 9th house:

(Sun sign in Gemini)

Saturn will help you define and develop your own belief system and help reframe your biases. You are invited to open your mind to different philosophies and to be unafraid in communicating more openly.

Saturn in the 10th house:

(Sun sign in Taurus)

Saturn will help you create structures that will help you achieve your professional goals. Your mission will become clear and you will establish yourself as an authority.

Saturn in the 11th house:

(Sun sign in Aries)

Saturn will help you fight for social causes that are important to you. You will create a network of meaningful associations. You will identify your heart’s truest desires.

Saturn in the 12th house:

(Sun sign in Pisces)

Saturn will bless you with the discipline required to resolve emotional issues from the past that still hold you back and have you trapped. This is not the time to seek fame or glory but instead to dig deep and do the necessary soul work so you can sweep away what no longer serves in preparation for a new cycle.