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Saturn in Aquarius (March 21)

Updated: Mar 23, 2020

Saturn In Aquarius #astrology

I am not a medical astrologer nor a mundane astrologer (an astrologer who specializes in history and politics) but I want to share some insights on the coronavirus pandemic because the astrology is so clearly aligned with this time of crisis (As above, so below).

For the next few days (until March 21) Saturn is at 29 degrees in Capricorn. The last and first degrees are considered crisis points in astrology. So expect things to get much worse before they get better. Markets will continue to fall and banks and Big Business will continue to lose money.

At this degree, we are living through a preview of Saturn in Aquarius. Aquarius is the sign of altruism, groups, technology and more. Aquarius energy is fair, social and philanthropic whereas Saturn’s qualities call for caution, discipline, and boundaries. In Aquarius, Saturn is all about social distancing, closing borders (nationalism) and new ways of using technology to educate and do business (more online classes and meetings).

Here’s what you can do while Saturn travels through Aquarius. Aquarius is an air sign. This literally means the virus will go airborne if it hasn’t already.

  • Work from home.

  • Rely on technology to connect with others for work, study, etc.

  • You are responsible not only for yourself but your family and community.

  • Air travel is going to be severely restricted so don't travel unless absolutely necessary.

  • Don't organize, run or attend any gathering if you can help it.

Saturn is the planet of breakdowns, breakthroughs and hard-won insights. At this time supported as he is by both Jupiter’s far-reaching influence and Mars’ exuberance Saturn continues to spread Neptune’s mysterious virus.

Let's take a moment here to reflect on how this virus has exposed the flaws in our society and governments (authority, governments, and institutions are ruled by Saturn).

Those who should have our attention but are mostly ignored - the elderly and most vulnerable - are most at risk. These are the people who now - ironically - need us to withdraw and limit contact.

Removing ourselves is the most radically loving thing to do. Withdraw but do not disappear. Keep in touch with family, friends and neighbours via technology. Do what you can to lighten burdens and alleviate fear.

Remember you are not here to fix the world but to mend the parts of it that are within your capability and reach.

The house where Aquarius resides in your chart will show you what you most need to work on from 21 March - 1 July.

Stay healthy!




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