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  • Yolanda McAdam

Saturn Return

Updated: Jan 5, 2021

Saturn makes a full cycle around the Sun every 29.5 years and spends 2.5 years in each Zodiac sign. Saturn rules both Capricorn and Aquarius. Saturn’s recent move into Aquarius (17 December, 2020) means that anyone born with Saturn in Aquarius is presently experiencing their Saturn return.

Saturn transits are a Big Deal. In fact, a transit of any of the slow-moving planets is a big deal because they result in life-altering changes. Their effects are longer lasting than those of the personal, faster moving planets (like Venus and Mars).

The Saturn Return

Ages 29, 30

The question that must be answered preferably at the start of each Saturn return is: How would you like the next chapter of your life story to unfold? This is because, to quote Caroline Casey, Saturn is the inner author. “If we do not go inward willingly, then Saturn will reach up and yank down forcefully. The involuntary yanking downward is often experienced as depression, but is instead a reminder not to live life by default.”

Saturn returns are often marked periods of concentration, frustration and suffering. This is because Saturn makes us face the things we deem “undesirable” and do our best to avoid. Saturn is a teacher and teachers know when we’re holding back. Where Saturn is placed in your chart reveals your natural aptitudes and abilities that seem painfully out of reach. For example, natal Saturn in Aquarius blesses you with incredible self-discipline but can also indicate that you often prefer to “go it alone” when in fact you have a natural aptitude for working well with groups and uniting people. So when Saturn visits you every 29.5 years you will face situations that are going to encourage you to overcome your fear of groups through participation. If you learn the lessons the first time round (29yrs old) the second transit (58 years old) is focused on sharing your wisdom.

Saturn is the Wise Elder. Saturn's not interested in excuses. He respects and rewards sincere commitment, effort and hard work.

When we’re going through a Saturn return we are forced to face certain realities. Are we paying attention to a multitude of voices and following a litany of “shoulds” or are we following the one true voice - our own. And more importantly do we even recognize our own voice? Do we speak the truth of ourselves to ourselves?

It’s often the time we end a relationship, change careers, have children or move away from a place. If you’re in your thirties think back to your first Saturn return (29,30 years old). What did you walk away from? What self-realization did you have?

It’s a good idea to keep a journal so you can reflect on your journey and the lessons learned.

Age 58, 59

If you’ve paid little attention to spiritual matters this is going to be a particularly difficult transit because Saturn is preparing you for Eldership/ Cronehood. It is during this time that we must confront the shadow if we haven’t already done so. The shadow is the dark side of our consciousness that evokes disgust and dread. Saturn reminds you that it is never too late to pursue your goals or achieve your dreams. You may be called to mentor and teach at this time or you may commit to learning from a teacher or teachers. Wisdom is rewarded.

Beneficial activities during this transit include meditation and daily prayer.

Age 87, 88

You are now a venerable elder. Everything that has happened to you becomes meaningful. Count your blessings. Celebrate your life.

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