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Saturn Stations Direct

Saturn has stationed direct in his home sign of Aquarius (Oct 11). When a planet stations, their energy is emphasized and is more palpable. Because Aquarius is an Air sign it’s on the mental plane that we are the most vulnerable. If you are Saturn-ruled (Capricorn or Aquarius Ascendant) or have most of your planets in fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio or Aquarius) you are undoubtedly aware of Saturn at this time. You may be struggling with anxiety, fear-based thoughts or feeling like you need more time alone.

Generally speaking, we are all a little more sensitive to information and how ideas or thoughts are expressed on both the mental and communicative level. We are uncertain about not only the validity and quality of information coming at us but also our own abilities to communicate our ideas and opinions. This can lead to defensive behaviour and a sense of alienation or loneliness.

During Saturn’s retrograde period from 23 May-11 Oct, we were tasked with reevaluating the structures and rules that dominate our life and our place within society. You may have found yourself questioning rules imposed by society or others but also, closer to home, perhaps subconsciously “rebelling” against the issues raised by the house occupied by Aquarius in your birth chart.

Here’s a quick example: If Saturn is transiting your 7th House, you have been reexamining your closest relationships and are in the process of creating boundaries or in the process of ending a toxic relationship (or thinking about it). There was probably some push back in your relationships with close partners (May - Oct).

While Saturn doesn’t actually start moving forward before the 24th of this month, we now have the go-ahead to take on more responsibilities or commit to a long-term project. If you are in the planning stage of a project, Saturn will be a tremendous aid at this time. Saturn is the planet of time, structure, reality, commitment, mastery, restraint, repression, discipline, limitation, denial, fear, sadness, separation and finally, wisdom. Saturn’s reward is wisdom which can only be attained through mastery of life’s lessons. The house occupied by Aquarius in your birth chart will reveal the structures, rules and systems that are being created and evaluated not only for the benefit of your personal development but also for your community and society-at-large.

Also, by "structure” and “systems”, I’m talking about organization. Saturn likes order. So with Saturn there is a call to “get our house in order”. I think many of us are feeling compelled to answer this call.

These are the house themes highlighted now that Saturn is moving forward again (read for your Sun and Rising Sign):

Aries: 11th House

Friends, Social causes

Taurus: 10th House

Career, Status, Reputation

Gemini: 9th House

Education, Beliefs, Religion/Spirituality, Legal Matters

Cancer: 8th House

Sex, Debt, Taxes, Occult subjects

Leo: 7th House

Partners (romantic and business)

Virgo: 6th House

Job, Daily Routine, Health

Libra: 5th House

Creative self-expression, Fun, Lovers

Scorpio: 4th House

Home, Family, Mother

Sagittarius: 3rd House

Communication, Siblings, Neighbours

Capricorn: 2nd House

Income, Self-worth

Aquarius: 1st House

Self-identity, Appearance

Pisces: 12th House

Dreams, Secrets, Shadow Work




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