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Saturn stations direct today and will resume an uphill climb through mountainous Capricorn.

This is good news. If a project or plan stalled in April this year, around the time Saturn went retrograde, you can expect to feel motivated to pick up your pen, paintbrush or chisel again. Any practice that requires focus and structure now gets the green light.

Saturn is primarily the planet of self-discipline. The last 4 months would have highlighted the areas where you were bogged down by self-doubt or paralyzed by fear.

Below is a general overview for each sign. For each of the following questions take a moment to consider how you can add more structure or discipline to making improvements.


How are you choosing to show up in the world? What perception do others have of you and how do these perceptions differ from your true self?


How can you practice your faith or cultivate a more disciplined approach to your spiritual beliefs?


How do you maintain healthy boundaries and still communicate your needs in a loving way? How do you make time for rest and rejuvenation?


What inhibitions are you ready to let go of so you can network and mingle with other like-minded individuals?


How can you use your personal gifts to help others? What can you do to get back on track with your fitness plan?


How can your creative practice or art add to the lives of others? What do you need to cut back on in order to focus on what truly matters?


What are you afraid to see and feel? What would you learn from allowing? And more importantly, how would this help you attain a great sense of self and balance?


How can you communicate or share in a more disciplined and unbiased way?


What adjustments or compromises need to be made to alleviate your money worries or security fears?


How can you add more structure to your life? What do you need to put into place to feel like you are making progress towards achieving your goals?


Do your friends support your goals for the future? How do your friends show up for you now?


How are choosing to escape the realities of the world? (Alcohol, drugs, tv) What are healthier alternatives? (Meditation, therapy…)

Lastly, tomorrow, Mars, the planet of action and drive, will trine Pluto, the planet of transformation and the Moon in hard-working Taurus. This is a cosmic signal to Get To Work.

You will reap the rewards.




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