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Scorpio Season

Updated: Oct 26, 2020

At this time of year we are pulled inward to wander the labyrinth of our thoughts. Our focus turns away from the sun-lit and toward the shadow-cloaked; the hidden and magical.

This is Scorpio Season (October 23- November 21). The season of the witch, the shaman, the psychoanalyst and the investigator. Scorpio is a fixed water sign, ruled by fiery Mars and icy Pluto. This dual rulership goes a long way to explaining the sign of the Scorpion.

The terrain is both extreme and surprising. It is the hot desert and the oasis, the underground aquifer and the icy polar regions. With Scorpio there is always something more beneath the surface. What you see is not what you get. Once you’ve gained a Scorpio’s trust you always get more. Much more.

Associated with the fearsome, nocturnal scorpion, Scorpio is a deep and secretive sign with an aura of mystery and power.

The Egyptian goddess Serket, one of the oldest deities, was depicted as a beautiful woman, arms outstretched in a gesture of protection, with a scorpion on her head. She was initially worshipped as a goddess of healing,magic and protection but later on came to be known as the protector of the dead. Historian Margaret Bunson points out that most physicians in Ancient Egypt were followers of Serket because of her healing powers.

The guiding principle of Scorpio is transformation and regeneration. Pluto themes. But let’s not forget Mars.

Bold, passionate Mars, god of war, is the traditional ruler of Scorpio. While icy Pluto is a more recent addition. Like it’s rulers, Scorpio is capable of hot and passionate engagement and frosty withdrawal - it’s Scorpio’s nature to alternate between these extremes.

One of the more misunderstood signs, Scorpio men and women are passionate about the things and people they care about. They are loyal (but possessive) partners and devoted parents. And like the other Water signs (Cancer and Pisces) they are intuitive, often psychic, and sensitive. Blessed with a curious nature, they enjoy learning and are especially drawn to subjects like psychology and forensic science as well as the spiritual and occult. The less evolved of this sign can be cruel, jealous, power-hungry and vindictive.

What to focus on this season (October 23 - November 21) by Sun Sign (you can also read for your Rising Sign)


Your most intimate relationship will require your attention this month. Buy lingerie. Preferably black (Scorpio colour). Good month to ask for a loan if you need one or to reevaluate your financial goals.


Your partner and business partner/s will be your primary focus. Contracts may need to be drafted or signed (wait until Mercury is direct again on November 4, before signing anything).


Tidy up and get your home organized this month. Invest in a health product or two, join a gym or buy gym equipment. Excellent month to start or commit to a health and fitness routine.


Make time for light-hearted play. If you’ve got your eye on someone, sparks could fly this month! Get creative and have fun expressing yourself.


Your parents may need you this month more than usual so plan to spend more time with them. Read up on the Goddess or goddesses. Practice self-care.


Practice extreme vigilance with words and thoughts. What are you unintentionally attracting into your life right now because of habitual negative thinking? Plan a COVID-safe neighbourhood potluck or have tea with a neighbour this month. Reach out to your siblings.


Create and commit to a budget. Sell items that are gathering dust in your garage or that you haven’t used in a while. Consider how you can create more structure or improve upon your daily routine.


This is your month! You are the cosmic favourite so let the Universe know what you want. Make a list of all your best personality traits and read them out loud to yourself every day. Begin each sentence with “I AM” (example: I am sexy). Treat yourself to a haircut or hire an image consultant.


This is a month of healing and retreat. Who needs to be forgiven? What needs to be released? What limiting beliefs still need to be worked through?


How are you contributing in a way that is beneficial to all beings? What are your hopes and wishes for the future? Write them down.


Excellent month to reflect on and write down your long term goals. Who are the experts you admire? What can you learn from them? How are you nurturing your own professional reputation?


What is the next step in your journey of discovery? Is it a trip to Greece in a year or two or is it enrollment in a course or a new degree? This is a good month to invest in books, courses or trips.




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