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Scorpio Season 23 October -21 November

In Taurus, the sign opposite Scorpio, we are reassured of new life and growth in the greening of the earth. In Scorpio, we are reminded of the certainty of death in the falling leaves.

The exterior world reflects the interior as we too begin the process of “dying” to our old selves. Ruled by both Mars (Traditional ruler) and Pluto (Modern ruler) this is the season to cut chords of negative attachment and kill off what we have outgrown. Here, Mars is tasked with disturbing psychological and spiritual ground; the opposite of Venus’ mission in Taurus where she cultivates a sense of comfort. Mars’ drive is penetrative in Scorpio which is why Scorpio is the sign associated with psychiatrists, psychologists, chemists, surgeons, physicists and detectives. There is a strong drive to get to the water logged aquifers beneath the surface which translates to an enormous capacity for intimacy. Scorpio needs to get to the secret places. It needs to make conscious what is unconscious. Pluto assists Mars in breaking things down to subatomic particles, energy patterns and thought forms. Pluto hunts the soul.

Scorpio is about making life out of death. It’s the hedge, the borderlands, the astral plane, the local cemetery but also the brothel, the bedroom...where we are reminded that an orgasm in French is referred to as le petit morte

Scorpio is alchemy. It seeks to produce something new or extraordinary from the ordinary.

Scorpio is a Fixed Water sign. Water types (Cancer, Pisces and Scorpio) perceive and evaluate the world in an emotional way. Of the three water signs, Scorpio as fixed-water is prone to fixation - extreme focus on feelings, and obsessive behaviour. In the Netflix series, YOU, Joe is a Scorpio Sun character played by Scorpio actor, Penn Badgley. Scorpio seeks not only to understand everything about another but also to connect at soul-level.

Scorpio is often stereotyped as dangerous and promiscuous. While it’s true that their fixity makes it hard for them to forgive and forget, it’s not true that they are more promiscuous than say a Virgo or an adventurous Sagittarius. Scorpio is drawn to the mysterious and what is more mysterious than sex and death?

Scorpio season is good for making conscious what is unconscious (shadow work) and for removing what hinders growth and transformation. It’s also a good time for exploring occult subjects, reclaiming pleasure and ancestral work.



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