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September Horoscopes

Updated: Aug 31, 2020

Purple prairie clover
Purple Prairie- Clover. Picture my own.

Outside my window the tall prairie grasses are turning gold. Canada geese flock to our community pond as they prepare to migrate south and the nights are getting longer and cooler.

I love this time of year, when Summer begins to give way to Autumn and our patio plants burst into bloom with a final hurrah! I have been spending a lot of time outdoors, crouched down and face to face with plant beings like white yarrow and purple prairie-clover in a desperate attempt to capture something of them before they disappear. My phone is filled with hundreds of pictures of this Summer’s flowers, many of which only made themselves known to me this year.

Woolly plantain, Scarlet Gaura, Pink Alsike Clover…

I find myself grasping at beauty wherever and whenever I find it. And I feel blessed that there is so much of it to capture and clutch to my chest.

Beauty has a way of transporting us, of taking us “out of the ordinary time” and of bringing “us to another place, a place where history ceases and the weight of memory relents, a place ever ancient and ever new.” (John O’Donoghue)

I wanted to talk a little about beauty here because maybe this year has shattered your heart over and over again, like it has mine, and maybe like me, you’ve been doing your best to avoid ugliness in all its forms. Because how much more bad news can we take? COVID, Black people being murdered because they’re black. Indigenous healers and elders being murdered in Evangelical Christian countries. Trans people being murdered. Our Mother being raped and exploited for profit and the rich getting obscenely richer…

Yet now is not the time to turn a blind eye to what is unfolding.

The Universe this month asks us to bear witness via Venus (love, beauty) in Cancer who will be in an exact opposition to Saturn in Capricorn tomorrow (September 1st) and also opposing Pluto. Here we have Venus, in sensitive and nurturing Cancer pointing to the children.

Children who are victims of Capitalism and increasingly sociopathic societies. Undernourished, starving and uncared for children. Children who are trafficked and used for sex. Children who grow up behind bars.

Venus asks you to open your eyes to the ugly side of human nature as well as the power-hungry machinations of Big Business.

As always, do what you can with what you have. We are not all psychologically and physically equipped to march or protest but we can do something, starting with what we choose to consume and how we spend our money. Donate to organizations that are driving change like this one.

On another level, this Venus/Saturn opposition could expose an inner ugliness or reveal a heart-breaking truth about someone you care about. This opposition is similar to the Mars square Saturn aspect in that it warns us to tread carefully around authority figures and people whose values differ from ours. Do not pick fights with people who are in a position of power like your boss for example and also people who are older than you. If you do, you will lose way more than you hope to gain. Venus though, unlike Mars in Aries who at this very moment is cutting ten thousand cords, is emotionally invested in Cancer. Venus seeks relationship and harmony.

Venus square Mars is engaged in a lovers quarrel and you may find yourself doing the same. This aspect speaks to the need for balance between the external and the internal, the anima (the unconscious masculine in women) and the animus (the unconscious feminine in men).

For men wanting to connect with the Anima, practice:

  • Nurturing (this could be anything from nurturing a plant, to adopting a pet)

  • Express yourself with dance, music, poetry

  • Practice self-care (yes you can absolutely take a bubble bath)

For women wanting to connect with the Animus, practice:

  • Saying “No”

  • Develop your leadership skills

  • Become more self-sufficient

Finally Venus opposite Pluto can indicate the severance of ties or the ending of a close relationship.


Please read for your Sun sign and Ascendant.


This is not going to be the easiest month but please know the Universe is wanting you to rise above the challenges.

There is the strong possibility of you leaving your current place of employment for a better position. Things are definitely going to get interesting at work and not necessarily in a good way. Your employer or a co-worker may reveal the “ugly” side of their personality or you may find yourself struggling to accept your employer’s lack of ethics. Certainly issues around ethics and values in the workplace will be coming up. Mars in your sign is pushing you forward, filling your tank so to speak with determination and gusto, however Saturn in Capricorn, your 10th house of career/vocation and reputation is asking you to slow down before speeding up. This is a reminder to look after yourself and your health. Don’t push yourself too hard.

Saturn requires that you “get your ducks in a row”. Practice discipline and put systems into place.

Saturn also represents fear. You may be dreading taking a vital next step like breaking cords that bind or starting a new life.

Tomorrow's Full Moon in Pisces will culminate in a dream come true and/or highlight your commitment to a spiritual or mystical path.


You’ll start off the month feeling generally at odds with people, possibly a sibling or neighbours because Venus