• Yolanda McAdam

Solar Eclipse in Gemini

This week’s solar eclipse in Gemini (10 June) technically begins when the Moon ingresses into Gemini (8 June). The fact that this is a drawn out affair means we need to be paying attention to what comes up for us from tomorrow. Solar eclipses bring clarity and new beginnings in the house in which the eclipse occurs. Check which house is occupied by Gemini in your birth chart for clues as well as the house occupied by Mercury as this is a Mercury-ruled eclipse.

Mercury is retrograde and preparing for an inferior conjunction with the Sun on the 11th. An inferior conjunction is when a planet passes between the Earth and the Sun (the only planets to do so are Mercury and Venus). This is another indication that this solar eclipse is ushering in powerful new beginnings. Mars sitting on the anaretic degree (29°) in Cancer will also be pushing for change but make sure that what you are asking for is something you are passionate about. With Mercury retrograde there is a strong possibility that whatever comes up for you this week connects to an old personal story or is deeply rooted in past creative experiences that once brought you joy. Clarity comes from revisiting your past.

There is also the possibility of old lovers or people from your past coming back for more sugar. Don’t let Neptune’s fuzzy beard fool you into taking them back. Remember Mercury is still square Neptune and you do NOT have all the information you need to commit to anything long term. Thursday this week is when the other shoe drops.

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