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Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius

We have a solar eclipse tomorrow (Monday, December 14th), on the heels of the lunar eclipse that occurred November 30th. The Sun and Moon in Sagittarius conjoin the South Node making this a Super New Moon. When one or both luminaries meet up with the South Node we are asked to let go of old coping mechanisms and outdated patterns of behaviour and this event suggests that whatever holds us back will be illuminated now. This illumination will come from within (in-sight) because the Sun’s face will be in shadow.

Use this weekend to sweep away any literal and psychic baggage that has prevented you from moving forward with conviction and faith.

Self-love into the life you desire

Sagittarius is the sign associated with belief systems, spirituality, religion, travel, education and law. The time has come to let go and release any programming around these Sagittarian-ruled themes. You do not have to travel to learn about another culture. You do not have to sit at the feet of a guru to pursue a spiritual path. You do not have to board a plane to soar to new heights.

Consider the ways you choose to retreat in order to feel safe (South Node) and reflect on how that behaviour continues to hold you back from claiming your brighter future (North Node).

Look to Gemini and the house it occupies in your birth chart for clues on what you are encouraged to develop but generally speaking, we are all being asked to be open to new ways of thinking, to adapt, to learn and acquire new skills.

Sagittarius is also associated with the qualities of optimism and hope. Here, a gentle reminder, that you don’t have to be materially wealthy to be rich. If you are in good health and greet each day with a smile and a hope -full heart you are rich.

This eclipse offers a new way of looking at the world.

We are being assisted by Mars in a powerful trine with the Sun. Mars is currently stoking the flames of desire, pushing us to create and develop strategies that will help us achieve our most treasured goals. Mercury conjunct the Sun/Moon invites deeper understanding. As Mercury is currently in the process of being purified by the Sun, seek answers from within.




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