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Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius 3-4 December,2021

Updated: Dec 3, 2021

This solar eclipse will be visible in Antarctica and the southern tips of Africa, South America and Australia and it will last 4hrs and 8 minutes. The New Moon is conjunct the Sun and South Node in the sign of Sagittarius at 12’22 (11:38 pm PT) on December 3rd. Sagittarius is the sign of meaning-making; of philosophy, religion, spirituality, travel and higher education.

This is an eclipse of re-orientation and reclamation. As the final eclipse in Sagittarius (next one will be in 2029), this eclipse, conjoined Mercury, offers a final opportunity to sift through information, define our beliefs and reorient our worldview. Mercury's presence indicates that how we communicate and process our thoughts is up for review. The Gemini/Sagittarius nodal axis is about Information/Knowledge vs Wisdom, Opinion vs Belief and Ego vs Spirit.

Since a lot has happened in the world since the Nodes entered these signs in May 2020, you may still be struggling to process your experiences and you may have trouble with precise thinking. (If you have planets at 20-23º Pisces, Gemini, Virgo or Sagittarius, Neptune is adding to your confusion). The main issues at this time come from confusing facts with opinions and knowledge with wisdom. They are not the same thing. A fact contains objective content and is supported by direct evidence or direct experience. A fact is not subjective. In other words, a fact is a statement made true because a group of people have experienced it to be true. COVID for example is real. It’s a virus that kills people. An opinion, on the other hand, is something you hold to be true. COVID was created in a lab by a mad scientist, is an opinion.

A fact is also not a feeling. Holding onto a statement that feels right or aligns with your personal values does not make it a fact. We all make assumptions and have opinions. Many of these opinions dress up as beliefs. Sometimes we shout them from the rooftops or publish them on Twitter because we want the attention. Sometimes we want to stir things up. What most of us don’t want is to be told we are wrong. Yet, what every philosopher will tell you is this:

It's ok to be wrong.

Neither is more noble. A fact is not “better'' than an opinion. Many opinions are justified. What is required is tolerance and critical thinking. Does this statement (disguised as a belief or opinion) aid in the creation of a better world for yourself and others? Does it inspire unity and understanding?

The south node is a point of disposal and release. The invitation is to dissolve whatever stands in the way of unity and understanding.

So where have you veered off course? Where and when did you lose sight of your own tremendous capacity for learning and meaning-making?

  • What beliefs are you holding onto because you’re afraid of being wrong?

  • What beliefs contribute to the continued suffering of the non-human?

  • What beliefs continue to prevent a relationship with Spirit?

  • What beliefs continue to diminish your worth and impoverish your life?

Next year, the Nodes fall across the Taurus/Scorpio axis and the cycle began with the partial lunar eclipse in Taurus in November. This cycle is going to ask us to root into and embody our beliefs. Make sure you know what you stand for before then.

If this eclipse contacts planets in your birth chart between 10-14º Sagittarius, you will feel the effects of this eclipse more so than anyone else. Look to the HOUSE occupied by Sagittarius for clues at to what will change for you in the next 4-6 months.




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