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Solar Eclipse in Scorpio

Updated: Oct 25, 2022

The New Moon at 2º Scorpio on October 25th is a partial solar eclipse (3:48 am PT). This means that while we would normally focus on fresh starts relating to power, money, sex, magic we have to remember that the Moon will block out the Sun’s light tomorrow. This suggests a complete reset. In other words, a rebirth!

As usual, you are going to want to look at the house that occupies Scorpio in your birth chart for a more accurate interpretation of what this eclipse will cut or strip away or where you are most likely to experience a new beginning. What is certain is that something has to either be released or some part of you has to “die” in order for something beautiful to emerge (thanks to Venus).

Venus plays an important role in this eclipse. She conjoined the Sun on the 22nd - a significant encounter at 29º Libra that either reinforced bonds, introduced someone new into your life or demanded you part ways with someone.

If your SUN or ASCENDANT is in a WATER SIGN, your life is about to get magical. Also, if you have any planets or angles at 2º Scorpio this eclipse will be especially transformative.

The word that always comes to mind and is used by every astrologer everywhere to describe Scorpio is intense. This is because Scorpio does not operate on the surface of things. Scorpio lives in the depths; in subterranean waters. It thrives on mystery; on following golden threads into caverns. Expect an emotional week which may not necessarily look like an eruption of emotions but that is steered by emotions. Now that the Sun is in Scorpio, the Sun will share space with the South Node (Ketu). This is going to be a season of purging; sweeping away the detritus of your old life and making space for the new.

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You may be holding out for answers or greater clarity this week probably pertaining to a relationship or a legal issue. You may have to wait as long as two weeks but there is a good chance, again thanks to Venus, that it will bring beauty or enhance a sense of balance and/or harmony.

Saturn is finally direct again and - slowly - moving away from their square dance with Uranus in Taurus. By the end of November you will have completed Saturn’s assignment (look to the houses occupied by Aquarius and Taurus in your birth chart for subject and theme) and will be suitably rewarded in the coming year. Compensation will be commensurate with effort.

This eclipse will last 5 hrs 3 minutes which in astrology translates to 5 years. This eclipse is the catalyst of change that will impact you for the next five years.

Quick horoscope for each sign, read for SUN and ASCENDANT.

This eclipse will bring change in the following areas:

Scorpio: Self-image, physical appearance and wellbeing

Sagittarius: Secret longings, Ancestors/Lineage

Capricorn: Friends, Groups

Aquarius: Career, Reputation

Pisces: Higher Education, Publishing, Beliefs

Aries: Money, Sex, Death, Magic

Taurus: Partnerships

Gemini: Health, Job

Cancer: Creativity, Children, Pleasure

Leo: Home, Mother

Virgo: Communications, Siblings, Cousins, Neighbors

Libra: Money, Self-worth



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