• Yolanda McAdam

Taurus Season

Welcome to Taurus season (20 April - 21 May)!

Taurus is the gentle, meadow-loving bull, not the enraged monster tearing through the streets.

For a sense of Taurean nature, you have to watch (or read the book) Ferdinand the Bull. Theirs is a pure and primitive connection to the natural world. Nothing gives them greater pleasure than green, gold and moist soil. They like to stuff their pockets with wild mint and wintergreen, nuzzle the heads of daisies, inhale roses and splash in spring-fed streams.

The first of the fixed signs, Taurus' purpose is to harness Aries’ fire. They tame wild potential with furrows, hedges and permanent beds. Taurus is the farmer and steward. But no human being is the pure embodiment of one sign, so of course, not all Taureans are nature lovers. Although when it comes to healing, a quiet hour in a park or near flowing water will bring them immediate peace. The city-dwelling Taurean does just as well in creating order because Taurus is the best of all signs at acquiring and consolidating wealth. Fixed signs are organizers and Taureans are especially good at organizing physical resources. They will take whatever is given to them and grow it. An idea becomes an article, a screenplay or a book and an unexpected bonus becomes an investment in property or shares.