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The 29th Degree (with a focus on Mars)

Much has been written about the final or anaretic degree so I’m not going to go into a lengthy explanation here. However, I do want to share my own personal observations. My natal Mars is at 29º (Cancer) and If you’ve been following me for a while, you’ll know I have a soft spot for Mars…

Anyway, let’s talk about what we can expect when a planet nears the end of their transit through a sign. Like Mars currently sitting at 29º Libra (29 October, 2021). If you imagine planets as actors taking on new roles when they change signs, you’ll agree that in Libra, Mars has been stripped of obvious weapons like a sword. Mars is asked to behave in a diplomatic manner here because the sign of the scales is governed by the Goddess of love and unity, Venus.

I like to think Mars wears a suit and tie and carries a briefcase when he’s traveling through Libra. Now, when talking about Mars, we have to remember that regardless of his placement, Mars is a fighter and he fights for whatever the sign he is placed in represents. He’s a ninja in a fancy suit. In Libra, Mars fights for justice, equal rights, balance and beauty. Libra is also - and many people overlook this - very much a sign of karmic reward. So when Mars reaches the final degree in Libra, he’s ready to balance the scales.

The 29th degree is about fate. Fated events happen. Relationships end, contracts end etc because we have learned what we were supposed to learn or achieved what we were supposed to achieve. Endings are new beginnings.

The 29th degree is also a degree of culmination or to borrow an idiom, the straw that broke the camel’s back. And because Libra is the sign of partnership and “other people” your close relationships come into extreme focus. Will they break under the pressure or are bonds strong because of aligned values?

Remember Venus is the planet of values. Mars is going to cut right through the BS if your values aren’t aligned.

Look to the house occupied by both Libra and Aries for clues as to what is culminating or has been concluded.

The 29th degree also brings release and catharsis. The wave crashes. It’s like a long sigh of relief, like the lifting of a heavy weight.

Any planet on the final degree pulsates with power. On a magical level, wishes are granted and if you know how to harness this cosmic energy in advance, you can work miracles.

Lastly, any planet on the 29th degree is already packed and ready to move on. Right now, Mars is looking forward to going home to Scorpio, where he co-rules with Pluto. Mars is looking forward to moments of greater intimacy, more passion and more depth as opposed to skimming the surface, playing safe and putting up with the status quo. And so are you.