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  • Yolanda McAdam

The Lunar Nodes in Taurus-Scorpio

Are you a Gemini or Sagittarius Sun or someone with personal planets or points in those signs? If so, you are probably aware of a palpable shift in energy. This is because on January 18th 2022, the lunar nodes shifted from Gemini-Sagittarius to Taurus-Scorpio.

The Moon’s nodes are points in space that mark where the Moon’s orbit crosses the ecliptic (the Sun’s path). The North Node is where this point crosses going north and the South Node is where it crosses going south.

The Moon’s nodes retrograde, in other words, they travel backwards and because they move approximately 3 minutes a day, it takes the nodes approx. 18 months to travel through a sign and approx. 18.5 years to travel the zodiac (all twelve signs). Recently the nodes shifted from the Gemini/Sagittarius axis to the Taurus/Scorpio axis.

The North Node

The North Node also referred to as Rahu (Dragon’s Head) points to the Present. The NN’s placement in your birth chart helps describe your life’s purpose and the areas of your life that require your fullest and most authentic expression.

The transiting NN reveals the attitudes and practices that you are required to develop and nourish during the node’s transit period.


In the below chart the Natal NN is in Aries. This tells us that this person who I will refer to as Sally in this post, has to uncover and express the following Aries qualities in this lifetime:

  • Self-awareness

  • Independence

  • Courage

Here is the same chart with transits (glyphs in green).

You can see that the NN is now traveling through Taurus which is this person’s 1st House. The 1st House is the house of self, life and vitality. During the next 18 months, Sally will feel compelled to improve her appearance, develop a stronger sense of Self and devote more time to her physical wellbeing.

The South Node

The South Node also referred to Ketu (Dragon’s Tail) points to the Past. Ketu reveals those behaviours and thought patterns that we have carried forward into this lifetime from previous incarnations.

In other words, Ketu shows behavioural patterns that keep us stuck in the past.

The SN sign and house position indicate innate strengths and talents. Looking at the same chart we can see that Sally’s SN is at 18º Libra. The SN is always directly opposite the NN.

This tells us that Sally is …

Selfless and fair but she also has a deep seated need for approval. Her self-worth is determined by what other people think of her. The 7th House is the house of ‘others’.

The transiting SN is moving through her 7th House (Scorpio) an indication that over the next 18 months Sally is asked to work through her desire for approval and acceptance (she would benefit from self-reflection and therapy) and stabilize her financial and personal resources.

Whenever two points or planets are in opposition in astrology we experience tension.

This nodal shift to the FIXED signs of Taurus and Scorpio indicates tension as follows:

  • Self-indulgence vs self-denial

  • Holding on vs letting go

  • Constructive and practical use of personal resources vs use of others’ resources

  • Accumulation vs elimination (on every level)

Fixed signs want to create stability in ways that are perceptible and concrete. The NN in Taurus is going to push us towards wanting more in the material world while Scorpio will demand the elimination of what has spoiled. Look to the houses in your birth chart occupied by Taurus and Scorpio for clues as to what areas of your life will experience major change.

Venus & Mars

From now until 2025, the Lunar Nodes will be in Venus and Mars-ruled signs.

Taurus (Venus) NN and Scorpio (Mars) SN axis from January 2022 to July 2023.

Aries (Mars) NN and Libra (Venus) SN axis from July 2023- Jan 2025.

This means that the themes of the houses occupied by the following signs are going to dominate as we continue to evolve.

Journal Exercise:

Look to the houses occupied by ARIES, TAURUS, LIBRA and SCORPIO in your natal chart for clues as to how your life is going to unfold. It’s worth noting that these two planets VENUS and MARS represent YIN and YANG. We are being guided to appreciate duality and the necessity of both expressions in creation and manifestation. The journey ahead is one of learning to integrate and embody yin and yang energy without judgement. Remember, one quality is not “better” than the other.

Take a moment to reflect on how you presently embody or express these opposing energies. Are you more yin or yang? What qualities do you need to explore in order to achieve a greater sense of balance?


















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