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The Month Ahead - July

Updated: Jun 29, 2021

July is going to be hot. We can thank Mars traveling through Sun-ruled Leo for the rise in temperatures - literal and otherwise.

July starts with a challenging Mars-Saturn opposition. Mars in Leo opposes Saturn in his ruling sign of Aquarius (1 July). The negative manifestations of this aspect include acts of aggression and violence, defiance, drama and death.

While the Moon is associated with the home, Mars governs land and the buildings on the land because he is all about gaining territory. Unfortunately this Mars-Saturn opposition is going to heighten and exacerbate territorial disputes and highlight shoddy workmanship (like last week's building collapse in Florida). Mass grave sites will continue to be exposed here in Canada and churches will continue to go up in flames.

This is undoubtedly going to be a difficult month punctuated by anger, drama, violence and the threat of war (with Mars there is always a lot of posturing) but there is a silver lining for those of us who approach these transits consciously.

In Aquarius, Saturn is said to be in his joy. Saturn here is “profound imagination” (William Lilly). Aquarius is among many other things also the sign of community. Saturn corresponds with The World card (tarot). We are all more than individuals. We belong to a neighborhood, a city or town, a region and the world. Saturn in Aquarius invites us to gain a stronger sense of self by extending generously into the community. New roads open up for healing and wholeness and all beings flourish when we make ourselves available. Mars traveling through passionate people-loving Leo blesses us with the courage to reach out and Saturn creates the containers for new ideas.

Saturn as the planet of duty and responsibility also governs work. Mars is the principle of action and drive so if you’ve been looking - generally speaking - this is a good month to seek employment.

Saturn and Uranus continue to aspect each other in a tense square. Both are in fixed signs. Aquarius and Taurus respectively. Mars in Leo, also a fixed sign, will be the trigger or catalyst for change when he creates a T-square to Saturn and Uranus (1-3 July). Venus takes over when she opposes Saturn (6 July). A T-square involves three planets, where two planets are in opposition. Mars and Venus will bring the fire which we can interpret as literal wildfires, explosions etc but also the fires that burn clean and ignite passion.

For the fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius) July is a pivotal month. Certainly if your Sun or Ascendant is in a fixed sign, you will find yourself having to decide whether you want to continue “as usual” or if you are ready to make changes for the better. I imagine you feel more than ready to drop old values and embrace a whole new vision for your life. A T-square is dynamic and creative. It’s an aspect that demands a response. Something has to give. Something has to break open.

If you’re wondering how you will respond and what area of your life will change this month, consider the house occupied by Scorpio in your birth chart.

Quick guide to the Houses and what will come up for change in July,

If Scorpio is your …

1st house: Self-identity, appearance

2nd house: Self-worth, income, values

3rd house: Communication, relationship with siblings/aunts/uncles, self-awareness

4th house: Sense of security, property, relationship with parents, heritage

5th house: Creativity, children, play, how you give love

6th house: Sense of duty, work, health, pets

7th house: Personal and professional relationships, cooperation

8th house: Regeneration, rebirth, other people’s money, insurance and tax matters

9th house: Higher education, your beliefs and philosophy, foreign travel and people

10th house: Your reputation, your business and social activities, your employer

11th house: Your social consciousness, friends, groups, how you receive love

12th house: Your secret or hidden talents, your Shadow, your relationship with your ancestors




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