• Yolanda McAdam

The Sun, Giver of Life

You get to choose. You always get to choose. When studying astrology, you get to choose if you work with Jupiter as a “body of trapped helium, hydrogen and water” or a celestial being with eyes and ears and a heart three times the Earth’s size. The first approach is pragmatic and mechanistic and the second is animistic and saturated with mystery and creativity.

“The universe is not a collection of objects, it is a communion of subjects.” - Father Thomas Berry

There are a lot of benefits to living during this time of technological advancement and instant connectivity but while science has made us clever it has not made us wise.

Once upon a time, before one million women were burned at the stake, human beings had a close relationship with the Earth. We made offerings to the tumbling streams and exchanged possibilities with bear, fox, wolf and whale. We heeded warnings in the wind, watched the changing sky for signs and interpreted the messages in the stars.

Everything shivered with life. Everything spoke. Everything drew us into a relationship.