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The Taurus-Scorpio Axis and Eclipses

Whenever we find ourselves between eclipses, like we do now (lunar eclipse coming up 15 May) it always feels to me, like the Earth is holding Her breath. You could say, we in turn, are waiting for the other shoe to drop or for someone to hit the reset button.

Each year there are between 3 to 7 eclipses and this year’s eclipses - there are four in total - fall in the Taurus-Scorpio axis. Taurus is my natal 4th House. Scorpio my 10th.

The 4th House rules everything “that relates to the foundation and roots of our existence” (Houlding). Parents, psychological parental influence and the past. It rules the land and property. And, is associated with death and the end of all things. The day before the partial solar eclipse in Taurus, our worst fears were confirmed when my sister and I were told my mother’s cancer is terminal and she has between 3 to 12 months to live. While many if not most astrologers associate the 4th House with fathers, I have always associated it with mothers - especially as I can see my own mother and my maternal lineage very clearly through the lens of Taurus and my natal Saturn in Taurus. My mother is a Taurus Rising and she was born into a rural agricultural community where people plant their own crops, thresh their own wheat, make their own wine and care for their own animals. She left this community when she emigrated with her parents to live in Africa in the fifties but returned home in her forties. At some point, I will discuss my mother’s chart but not today.

Eclipses bring endings. Every ending is just another new beginning. If the eclipse does not fall within 5º of a planet in your natal chart, then you will probably not be immediately aware of any significant changes, however keep an eye on Mars. Right now Mars in Pisces and exactly sextile Uranus in Taurus which can indicate that an unexpected event may rattle you. When Mars reaches 10º Taurus, (read this post on last week’s partial solar eclipse) on June 6th you will be made aware of what has ended or been released so something new could open up for you.

Where does Taurus fall in your natal chart? And has anything come to light in the last few days?




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