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The Week Ahead 10-15 August

10-August Sedna square Jupiter. Mercury opposite Jupiter. Venus opposite Neptune.

Sedna is on the anaretic degree in Taurus (29º) square Jupiter in Aquarius. Sedna continues to call our attention to the environmental crisis. The anaretic degree is associated with crisis and endings and Sedna will be sitting on this degree until April, 2024. Read my article on Sedna here.

Venus opposite Neptune - Beware of unrealistic expectations in close relationships. Who are you trying to be and is it to impress someone? Or, are you finally unfolding and blooming into the person you have always known you could be? Mercury in Leo opposite Jupiter Retrograde in Aquarius brings enthusiasm (supernatural inspiration) but there’s a tendency towards exaggeration. Things may get a little loud (literally and metaphorically).

11-August Mars square the Nodes. Mercury enters Virgo. Venus trine Pluto.

You are moving in the direction of your soul’s calling. Finally. Venus trine Pluto reminds us that there is beauty even in the darkest of times. Think of how many things you’ve survived in your life. Mercury enters Virgo today, helping us gather facts and make careful decisions grounded in science and experience. Excellent transit for recognizing and improving patterns of behaviour. Every word will be weighed and considered during this transit but remember not to get bogged down by a need for perfection. Watch for overthinking and overwhelm.

15-Aug-21 Mercury square the Nodes.

You may need to revisit something from your past in order to move forward. For example, if you are a writer that manuscript in the bottom drawer may need to be revisited and reworked. This aspect can also hint at developing latent talents or finally letting go of unhelpful beliefs in order to move toward your goals.