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The Week Ahead 10-16 January

10 Jan

Mercury sextile Chiron

Words have the power to build bridges and heal today. Pay attention to guidance offered by a trusted mentor or teacher. If you nurse a wound around communication - how you communicate and/or how another person chooses to communicate with you - today is a good day to open a dialogue.

11 Jan

Sun sextile Neptune. Mars square Neptune.

A reminder from Sting that “we are spirits in a material world”. You are in tune with the numinous - the unseen world. A great day for prayer and ritual. Make space for spiritual guidance. What God or Goddess beckons from the starry sky, wild wood or the ocean depths?

Mars square Neptune can make us suspicious of other people’s behaviour or motivations. We may believe someone is pulling the wool over our eyes. Don’t trust all your impressions at this time because Neptune tends to conceal the truth. Watch for listlessness, tiredness, feeling deflated…

14 Jan

Mercury stations retrograde in Aquarius.

Mercury Rx in Aquarius wants us to reexamine our place in society and within our community. What role do you play? Does community extend beyond the human? How do you bless (with words and thoughts) your immediate environment? Over the coming weeks your definition and understanding of friendship will come up for review.

16 Jan

Sun conjunct Pluto

Something may come up to light today that is a kindness even if you do not immediately recognize it as such. An excellent day for introspection. What hidden or repressed aspects of yourself need to be brought up to the light? Joseph Campbell referred to this act of descent into our psychological depths as the hero’s journey. If you are ready to dig deeper, today is a good day to explore beneath the surface.




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