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The Week Ahead 11-17 April

This will likely be an emotional week thanks to Venus, Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces. Mars will join them on the 14th. Issues around unresolved grief may rise up as will a need to heal ancestral wounds. Listening to music will be especially therapeutic. The Sun in Aries will square Pluto in Capricorn from the 13th. That square is exact on the 18th just before the Sun’s move into Taurus late on April 19. Pluto represents psychological fire; the internal fire that if not channeled properly will consume us. Jealousy, cruelty, ruthlessness and obsessive behavior are things to watch out for over the next week. Sun-Pluto squares can result in power struggles. The good news is that we can draw upon the uplifting and deeply spiritual energies of the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction to help navigate the days ahead.

11 April. Mercury is now in Taurus and we seek knowledge that brings a sense of peace and security. One of my favorite transits for learning and studying as it’s easier to retain information when Mercury is traveling through this fixed sign. Mercury in Taurus is a steady influence. If you’re an Aries or Gemini Sun or Rising, Mercury’s transit through Taurus can be frustrating as you prefer fast talkers and quick facts.

12 April. Jupiter- Neptune conjunction! The conjunction is exact at 23º59’ in Pisces. If you have any planets between 22-24º of any sign, expect that planet to “illuminate” the path ahead for you. In other words, the planet's inherent attributes will bring you closer to your experience of the divine within (and without) yourself. This powerful pair reminds us that we all have the capacity to become enlightened bodhisattvas.

Evoke the Divine through prayer, meditation, song and dance. The Moon enters Virgo just after 7am PT making this a good day to focus on details. Saturn semi-sextile Jupiter-Neptune will help with commitment to something higher than ourselves.

14 April. Mars enters Pisces. Good for exploration of your inner depths. Focus on spiritual goals. Mars will not be rushed here. Motivation to get things done may be low.

16 April. Full Moon in Libra. I will publish a separate post on this Full Moon later this week.




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