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The Week Ahead 13-18 December

13 Dec

Mars enters Sagittarius. Mercury enters Capricorn.

Mars in Sagittarius fights for freedom and knowledge. Your need for space and freedom will increase and this may of course, manifest in a very literal sense. You may book an overseas trip, escape to the countryside for a few days or start making plans to emigrate. You’ll find it easier during this transit to shine a light on your work and you will be determined to assert yourself and share your thoughts/opinions. Whenever planets travel through Sagittarius they get educated. There's a good chance you'll be learning important lessons related to the house occupied by Sagittarius in your birth chart. Mars will "activate" or get the ball rolling on those house themes.

When Mercury travels through Capricorn we are focused on acquiring knowledge and information that will assist us in our career and self-development. Great time to interview potential coaches or mentors.

15 Dec

Mars conjunct South Node.

A potentially dangerous transit. Watch for reckless, hasty behaviour. You may also feel physically and mentally drained. Important that you manage your stress on this day. Meditate and stay hydrated. Karmic ties may be severed this week. On a more positive note, this combination can increase our passion for change and give us access to untapped creative gold . For yoga enthusiasts this is a good day for the Warrior pose.



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