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The Week Ahead 14-20 February

If I had to choose one word for this week’s astrology it would be enlivening which is defined as “making something more interesting and appealing” and to “make someone more cheerful”. If change is what you’re after, then this week opens a door or two and promises at least one exhilarating or happy-making experience. The aspect that is going to bring this about is the applying Jupiter-Uranus sextile but Venus and Mars in a close dance are here to assist with the softening of brows and opening of arms ;-)


Pluto trine North Node. Mercury enters Aquarius.

There is a line in the I Ching that reads:

If we wish to know what anyone is like, we have only to observe on whom he bestows his care and what side of his nature he cultivates and nourishes. He who cultivates the inferior parts of his nature is an inferior man. He who cultivates the superior parts is a superior man. (The Wilhelm Baynes translation of the Book of Changes)

Pluto is going to make it easier to direct your energy towards those practices that nourish your higher qualities and move you in the direction of your life’s purpose. Pluto does this usually by reminding us that death is a certainty and when conjunct the North Node, he asks questions like:

What do you want to be remembered for?

HOW do you want to be remembered?

What kind of ancestor will you be?

Mercury in Aquarius brings new ideas, progress and - considering what’s going on in the world today - opens the door to fresh dialogue.


Sun square the Nodes.

A turning point in the way you see yourself. But also increased tension because others are still trying to catch up with your newfound self-awareness.


Venus conjunct Mars. Full Moon in Leo.

I will write a longer post on the Full Moon but for now, today’s energy is wonderful for creative self-expression. If you are a parent, news regarding your child/children or a creative project will arrive or a matter culminates at this time.


Jupiter sextile Uranus.

Expansive, freeing energy. You are free from the shackles that bind you to another or to a situation. Alternatively, you have successfully integrated shadow aspects and have awakened to a new level of consciousness.


Sun enters Pisces

Your soul’s purpose is gloriously illuminated. Great day for acts of compassion.



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