• Yolanda McAdam

The Week Ahead (14-20 June)

There are two major aspects this week and Jupiter’s station. The aspects are: Sun square Neptune and Saturn square Uranus.

Tomorrow on June 14th, Saturn in Aquarius squares Uranus in Taurus for the 2nd of 3 exact squares this year. 2021 is a square dance ruled by this Saturn/Uranus aspect. This is old vs. new, rules vs. freedom energy and we can see this being played out on a collective/global scale as well as personally as many of us embrace a sense of “normalcy” and return to doing things we once took for granted. Saturn retrograde is “taking us back” but Saturn also comes with a warning. Don’t drop your guard. A lesson learned through Saturn is a lesson you will never forget. This is also an aspect about money - or to be more precise, security. If you’ve been thinking about and worrying about money more than usual, it’s because Saturn is conservative and Uranus is future oriented. Saturn wants you to save for rainy days and retirement and Uranus wants you to spend your savings on that shiny new electric car. This push-pull energy creates tension. The best way to work with these two is to spend money on things your future self will thank you for.

What do you absolutely need to learn, have or do this year that will help shape you into the person you are becoming?

Tomorrow’s Sun square Neptune can find us wasting time because we’re either feeling unfocused and scattered or we’re feeling very inspired. It’s an excellent da