• Yolanda McAdam

The Week Ahead 15-21 November

Updated: Nov 17

The astrological weather builds up to a supercharged and unusually long lunar eclipse in Taurus (19 Nov). During a lunar eclipse, the Earth's shadow covers the Moon’s face and we will all be feeling a lot more emotional and more sensitive (Moon-ruled people more so). Watch for unpredictable or uncharacteristic behaviour and avoid impulse buys.

15 Nov

Sun square Jupiter, Venus square Chiron

Traditionally, Sun square Jupiter always warns against excess and exaggeration. Don’t overspend, don’t over-promise or overcommit and do expect a turbulent, possibly shocking week on the stock exchange (this includes the cryptocurrency market).

However, when I meditated on this energy and asked for insight on what we can all work on, the Ugly Duckling waddled in...

The Ugly Duckling emerges out of a large, white egg. A peculiar loo