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The Week Ahead 15-21 November

Updated: Nov 17, 2021

The astrological weather builds up to a supercharged and unusually long lunar eclipse in Taurus (19 Nov). During a lunar eclipse, the Earth's shadow covers the Moon’s face and we will all be feeling a lot more emotional and more sensitive (Moon-ruled people more so). Watch for unpredictable or uncharacteristic behaviour and avoid impulse buys.

15 Nov

Sun square Jupiter, Venus square Chiron

Traditionally, Sun square Jupiter always warns against excess and exaggeration. Don’t overspend, don’t over-promise or overcommit and do expect a turbulent, possibly shocking week on the stock exchange (this includes the cryptocurrency market).

However, when I meditated on this energy and asked for insight on what we can all work on, the Ugly Duckling waddled in...

The Ugly Duckling emerges out of a large, white egg. A peculiar looking “duck” with pale grey feathers and purple feet, the Ugly Duckling starts out with the wrong family.

Not a day goes by that the other ducks don’t remind her that she’s strange and ugly. They hiss at her. They pull her feathers out. They bite her. At first her Duck Mother tries to defend her and tells everyone that the Ugly Duckling is just a little misshapen but that she’ll straighten out soon. But with time, even Mother grows weary and chases the Ugly Duckling away. For the longest time Ugly Duckling believes she doesn't belong anywhere as she’s booted out of community after community. She doesn’t belong with the chickens. She doesn’t belong with the geese. Will she ever find acceptance or love? She wonders, as she swims away.

This is a story of feeling exiled; of not looking right, of not feeling like you belong. It’s the story of trying to fit a mold. And because Venus is in the mix here, it is also about relationships and how sometimes we settle with someone who we think will help shape us into a square peg because we don’t believe we deserve better or it’s what is expected.

There are gifts to be gained from feeling exiled. Out of this perceived “flaw” or weakness, our intuitive abilities are heightened, our power of observation sharpened and we are free to own our true nature.

When Venus squares Chiron, something you see or hear re-opens a wound around “lovability” and can lead to feelings of envy and jealousy. Are you worthy of that special someone?

16 Nov

Sun sextile Pluto

We continue with this theme of emergence; of blooming into fullness. You have an opportunity today to rebuild a situation or remake a creative work. The energy is empowering and regenerative.

17 Nov

Mars opposite Uranus

There's an urge for excitement and freedom today which can result in some unexpected drama. If pressure has been building in some area of your life, watch for an eruption of tension. The shadow side of Mars - anger, aggression - can be acted out both by the collective and individually. Not a good day for physical risks.

19 Nov

Lunar eclipse in Taurus

I will expand on this in a separate post but the Full Moon will be conjunct Algol (Medusa’s Head) and the spotlight will fall on a collective level on the mistreatment of women and on a personal level, calls for personal accountability. Misogyny is the hatred or contempt of women, and is not only a form of sexism exclusively practiced by men. Women are the worst misogynists. Watch this video on the story of Medusa for a better understanding of how women fail women. Because this is a powerful Full Moon, and Full Moons are always associated with endings, make time to forgive a woman from your past or present. Eclipses are road openers.

Lunar Eclipse in Taurus 18/19 November, 2021. Read this post here.

20 Nov

Mercury square Jupiter

Watch for oversharing. Too much information is not always a good thing.

21 Nov

Mercury sextile Pluto

Excellent day for penetrating research and sustained mental work.



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