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The Week Ahead 17-22 August

After five months of what can only be described as Divinely Orchestrated Delays, my husband and I finally flew to Edmonton to get our furniture. On arrival, we got a UHAUL truck and during the unloading process from the storage unit to the truck, we sorted through boxes, purged and donated about 25% of our furniture. We then drove down to Vancouver through forests on fire and thick smoke. It was a surreal, emotional journey.

Then, we spent Sunday and most of yesterday offloading and unpacking boxes and - once again, we donated stuff. The purging continues, because more than anything what we both crave right now is a sense of spaciousness and authentic expression. Our new home must reflect our values.

I’m sharing this with you because my story, to some extent, describes the current astrology.

Let’s start with Uranus...

Uranus will retrograde this week (20 August). The slower-moving planets are retrograde for half the year and during that time we are encouraged to reflect and rethink. With Uranus the focus is on AWAKENING to our creativity and truth. Uranus, “The Great Awakener”, retrograde will bring opportunities to awaken to our creative powers and open pathways and channels that will help us express our unique abilities. The focus though with Uranus, is not so much on SELF as it is on OTHERS. Uranus is always interested in bringing about change on a large scale so whatever blooms during this period should ultimately be an offering to others. This is quite possibly where the “rethinking” comes in. What is your gift and how can you give it away?

Are you forging your own path or closely following another’s path?

How can you add more spaciousness to your life?

Venus is now in Libra until September 10th. In Libra, Venus is a Goddess in a beautiful home with many mirrors and valuable art pieces. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself spending money on beauty products and lingering longer than usual before mirrors. This is wonderful “self love” energy but Venus in Libra is also about balance and strengthening bonds. Use this period to reach out to people you care about and deepen existing relationships (while of course, supporting local artists).

18 August - Mercury conjunct Mars in Virgo

Quarrelsome energy that may have you feeling personally attacked. The Moon’s journey this day also points to frustration and wounding. On the plus side, there is the capacity for courageous communication (tell it like it is) and sharp, incisive thinking.

19 August - Sun opposite Jupiter, Mercury trine Uranus

The energy is optimistic and confident but do watch out for arrogant and/or condescending behaviour. Mercury trine Uranus brings fresh insights and exciting news.

22 August - Full Moon in Aquarius. I will write a longer post on this but this Full Moon opposes the Sun at the anaretic degree (29º) in Leo which will bring things to a culmination. Venus trines Saturn, will be making things official in the romance department. You could decide to get engaged, move in with your partner or if things haven’t been working out, this is the week you cut ties. There is a cinematic or show-stopping quality to this Full Moon and many of us will have a memorable week.




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