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The Week Ahead 17-23 January,2022

17 Jan

Full Moon in Cancer

The Moon is full at 27º 50’ Cancer 3:48pm PT. She opposes the Sun and Pluto. While the Sun-Pluto conjunction burn through the superfluous in order to reveal the real treasure within, the Moon, Mother Goddess holds a mirror up to the God of the Underworld. We are in the shadowlands, today.

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18 Jan

Mercury sextile Chiron, Uranus stations direct, North Node enters Taurus, South Node enters Scorpio

There’s a lot going on today. Mercury sextile Chiron encourages healing through the power of positive thinking. Consider reciting healing mantras and using words of affirmation to speed up recovery from illness, anxiety or mental confusion.

Uranus stations direct and while this is going to be a day plagued by communication and technological disruption (remember Mercury is retrograde and Uranus rules electricity and the internet), expect sudden flashes of insight. You have the go-ahead now to explore beyond perceived boundaries and limitations. Pursue that which quickens your heart and excites the mind!

I'll share a separate post on the nodes.

19 Jan

Sun trine North Node

You are aligning with your sense of purpose. Things are falling into place.

20 Jan

Sun enters Aquarius

This is the time we start seeing things and even relating to things as they could be and not as they are. Consider the vision you hold for the future. What has to be reshaped in the material world for you to claim that ideal?

23 Jan Sun conjunct Mercury

The midpoint of the Mercury retrograde. Something will be revealed or illuminated. New understanding.




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