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The Week Ahead 18-23 October

My Mars is a debilitated Mars. In Cancer, my Mars moves cautiously and slowly. In a reenactment of the Hare and Tortoise fable, I’d have to take the role of the tortoise. I’m used to taking it slow. I need long stretches in bed followed by more stretches and yoga before I start my day. If I have to be somewhere by a certain time, I have to start preparing 3 hours in advance. And I don’t even wear make-up. If you have Mars in either Cancer or Libra, you’re feeling depleted or inexplicably less enthusiastic about well, everything. This is because Mars is still combust (less than 8º from the Sun) and is literally - from an astronomical point of view - been consumed by the Sun and astrologically, in the process of being recharged. Because Mars rules our drive and ability to get things done, you may be working through your to-do list at a snail’s pace. Or you may have given up and are waiting for Mars' resurrection at the end of the month when he enters Scorpio.

Further reading: Planetary conditions: Under the beams, Combustion and Cazimi

That said, there’s a lot of Mars this week. Mars will trine Jupiter on Tuesday the 19th and while I want to say you’re probably going to wake up feeling like the Energizer bunny, chances are you’ll probably just feel more motivated than you have in a while. You'll be Fierce and Optimistic. This is a good day to go after what you want.

Tomorrow, Jupiter and Mercury station direct (18th). This fact alone should make this a wonder-full week but Mercury behaves very much like we all do when we’ve come back from a splendid holiday where we were pampered 24/7. They’re in a mood. They’re not ready for school lunches and last minute presentations. Things tend to get worse before they get better when Mercury stations. If you’re waiting for the go-ahead on a project for example, you’ll most likely only get an answer after November 1st (Mercury post retrograde shadow ends that day). This is a week of reruns and reminders.

Be patient.

The Full Moon in Aries is going to be disruptive and incendiary. Passions are running high. Leading up to this Full Moon you may suffer more than usual from migraines, or headaches and there’s a higher than usual chance of fire - kitchen fires, burns...I’ll write more about this in a separate post.

Mars will square Pluto on the 23rd. Power struggles. The potential for conflict with a higher-up or authorities. Remember, you don’t need to have the last word. Take a breather. Go for a walk.

The Sun enters Scorpio on the 23rd. I’ll write more about this in a separate post but do know we’re all going to be swinging between extremes. Love or hate? Feelings are going to be intense. Scorpio Season will see us focus primarily on money, sex and power.




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