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The Week Ahead 2-8 August

02 August Sun opposite Saturn. Mercury trine Chiron. Venus trine Uranus.

I invite you to spend some time this week reflecting on your beliefs. Most of our beliefs are inherited from our parents and other authority figures and most of these beliefs are distracting us from living fuller and more authentic lives. A belief is nothing more than a habit or state of mind. You can change your beliefs at any time.

Consider: What belief is stopping you right now from shining brighter? Alternatively what belief is making it harder for you to fit in or shine in your community (online and offline)? Success takes effort and work. The Sun in Leo is saying “shine little star” and Saturn in Aquarius is saying “only if you’ve put in the work”.

Mercury in Leo trine Chiron in Aries asks us to heal our thinking and mind habits primarily those centered around our self-identity. Choose to adopt new beliefs that fit the version of the person you are becoming.

Venus trine Uranus is a surprising love interest, unexpected money or gift or an exciting upgrade.

04-August Mercury square Uranus. Sun trine Chiron

Give your mind a break if you can today. Unplug and unwind. If you are an artist this is a wonderful day to paint your pain or heal a wound through creative self-expression. Also, everyday is a good day to spread good cheer but there may be extra sensitivity today around self-worth so remember to compliment people on their work and let the people you care about know you see them.

07-August Sun square Uranus

A strong desire to be free from the shackles of self-imposed torment. You may decide to end a relationship, leave a job or you’re finally ready to unburden yourself of a belief that has weighed you down and led your life down the wrong path.

08-August New Moon in Leo

I will write a longer post on this but this New Moon is an invitation to live from your heart.




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