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The Week Ahead 20-26 December


Mercury trine Uranus

Trust your intuition and communicate what comes to your mind. Also expect a revelation. Something someone says today will surprise you. Excellent day for metaphysical and occult work.


Sun enters Capricorn

Celebrate the Return to Light. I wrote a post on the Winter Solstice and Capricorn Season which you can read here. Pay attention to your dreams and trust your hunches as your ancestors and deceased loved ones walk alongside you this week.


Saturn square Uranus

This is the final exact square between these two for 2021 but they will continue to challenge each other in 2022, so this energy prevails! Old versus New. Social responsibility vs Personal Freedom.


Mars trine Chiron. Venus conjunct Pluto.

The day sparkles with the potential for healing and renewal. Mars and Chiron inspire forgiveness as well as self-compassion, while Venus and Pluto continue to encourage us to work on what has been spoiled. Some of the beliefs you take for granted around relationships and love are incorrect and a change of perception is required. For those of us actively engaged in Shadow Work, today offers the opportunity to work through beliefs that equate “stuff” with love. What is better? Time with loved ones or a mountain of gifts under the Christmas tree?


Mercury sextile Neptune

Music, movies, poetry. Lovely day for journaling, musing, painting…A dream that comes to you may change the course of your life. Inspired ideas.




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