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The Week Ahead 21-25 March

The Moon has entered Sagittarius (YAY!!) and is in a trine to the Sun in Aries. When the Moon moves through Sagittarius we are all more motivated to accomplish tasks related to our studies and we are also encouraged to apply our learning in everyday life. Today and tomorrow favor any activities that will expand our boundaries and aid in developing new understanding.

When the Moon travels through the sign of the Archer beware of extreme behavior like overeating.

The main aspect today is the Mars-Uranus square which will be felt mostly by anyone with planets on the fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius) between 10-14º. Avoid making any impulsive decisions this week. Be patient.

The Sagittarius Moon will sextile Mars and Venus in Aquarius Wednesday the 23rd and we are tasked with learning to give to ourselves as well as others. Venus is still besieged by both Mars and Saturn so consider the ways you deprive yourself and others of affection and hope because you’ve allowed yourself to be defined by society’s constructs or perceived limitations. Remember, you are a god/goddess. Your goal the sky.

Thursday, the 24th, the Sagittarius Moon will square the Mercury-Neptune conjunction in Pisces and then go void-of-course. Avoid doing anything important today which includes doctor appointments. You will find it hard to discriminate between fact and fiction today. The Mercury-Neptune conjunction in Pisces does not promote clear, rational thinking.

On Friday the 25th, the Capricorn Moon encourages taking action towards manifesting a goal. With Venus still besieged and the Moon in the sign associated with our elders, consider creating your own standards if you find that striving for what they want or wanted for you is not actually what will bring you joy and fulfillment.

Finally, the cosmic message this week is practice patience. Focus on learning and self-development but do not commit to anything or make any rash decisions (especially if you have planets in the fixed signs). You do NOT have all the information you need at this time.



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