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The Week Ahead 21-27 February

I hope you will make time today for activities that resonate with the number 2 (22/2/2022). The number 2 is ruled by the Moon and is associated with compassion, caring, partnerships and tenderness. Spend time with your loved ones or get in touch with them. Today’s magical date actually equals the number 3, which is a powerful number of manifestation and magic. This inspired me to take a closer look at both the Moon (magic!) and Jupiter (good fortune!).

Let me start with Jupiter. The Great Benefic is traveling through his home sign of Pisces and is in his bounds (Egyptian Terms). In other words, we have a double-dose of Jupiter for the next few weeks. Do your best to keep your thoughts positive in order to attract this benevolent energy.

The Moon currently sailing in Scorpio’s subterranean rivers is in her disseminating phase (also known as Waning Gibbous). A disseminating Moon follows a Full Moon and since the Moon is waning (losing light) during this phase, it’s not the time to launch anything including yourself, in rocket man style.

The work we are called to do during this phase is of course, revealed in the phase name. To disseminate is to distribute or spread. There’s a mixing and mingling quality in disseminating. You may be feeling like you need to mingle or you need to add your voice, share a theory, teach a course….this is all good - today in particular - with the number 2 energy reverberating in hallowed chambers and underground caves. However Dane Rudhyar describes this period as follows:

“The waning period of the lunation is thus a period of growth for the active power of consciousness. Consciousness, once it is formulated, can be shared with others, and thus can actively affect and transform others."

In this phase we work our magic by turning inward. The Full Moon brought something to an end or something was revealed or illuminated and whether you are aware of it or not you are still metabolizing, still processing, that event or breaking down information. In Scorpio, the Moon points to the fact that we need to sit a little longer with our feelings and our thoughts. This is not the time to respond or react. Speak to your therapist or a trusted friend or mentor. Journal. Pull a tarot card.

There’s a very real risk of you doing or saying something too soon this week. Hang back.

23 Feb

Mars-Neptune sextile, Moon in Sagittarius

The Mars-Neptune sextile confirms that this is not the week for confronting others. If you must confront anyone, then have a talk with yourself. If you are an artist or work in a creative field, you will feel inspired today. However, lies, deception and toxicity dominate when these two planets are in aspect. The Moon’s entry into Sagittarius helps lighten the mood.

24 Feb

Venus-Neptune sextile. Mercury-Uranus square.

Venus-Neptune sextile brings sweetness and elements of beauty. Wonderful day for spiritual work and meeting up with friends. The shadow side of this aspect is a yearning for sensory escapism in drugs or alcohol.

Mercury- Uranus square can make us feel “wired” and anxious. The best way to work with this energy is to express yourself through your favourite medium (writing, drawing, playing music etc).

25 Feb

Moon enters Capricorn

Moon enters Capricorn. Excellent day for goal-setting and getting things done.




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