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The Week Ahead 21-28 November

21 Nov

Sun in Sagittarius

(6:33pm PT, 21 Nov)

Sagittarius has always been represented in double form: human and animal and is one of two signs ruled by Jupiter (the other is Pisces). As the sign, following on Mars and Pluto-ruled Scorpio where dark and threatening energies were liberated, it is with Jupiter’s help that we can now acquire new skills and the wisdom to transcend our base animal instincts. Consider the three domains united in the image of the centaur with the drawn bow: the animal, the human and that which transcends our physical realm.

When the Sun travels through Sagittarius, there is a restless quality to our days. This is because we tend to seek out fresh stimulation and new things. This can make us less interested in our daily responsibilities and tasks. Watch for the following shadow qualities this month:

  • Impulsiveness

  • Moralism & Intolerance

  • Abrasiveness

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Sun conjunct South Node

There is a prevalent sense of deja vu, like you’ve had the same experience before in the distant past. Also, your past may literally show up at your door. Karma is at play.


Mercury enters Sagittarius

When Mercury travels through Sagittarius we all tend to be more philosophical and inquisitive. We seek out new experiences and information. Watch that you don't come across as abrasive when communicating.


Mercury conjunct South Node

An invitation to release a stale belief that is preventing you from making new connections and having new experiences. A message from someone from your past.


Saturn sextile Chiron

An opportunity to make amends with an older person or authority figure. Also, an invitation to re-parent yourself. Learn to love boundaries. Show compassion in the face of whatever arises for you today.



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