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The Week Ahead 23-29 August

23 August Sun in Virgo. Venus trine Saturn.

Sol has entered the sign of the Virgin and calls our attention to the areas in which we perpetuate confusion. The first image that came to me on looking at today’s chart was the image of a compass. There is a need for orientation. Are your actions and thoughts aligned with the higher vision you have of yourself? Are you moving forward in the direction of your dreams or further away from a life that feels meaningful?

If you did not use this past weekend to bring order to chaos, this week will ask you to prioritize order and moderation.

Relationships and responsibilities are emphasized today as Venus is in an exact trine with Saturn. There is also a pull towards beauty and harmony. While it may be tempting to fill your shopping cart with items that will aid in creating more beauty, I urge you instead to venture outdoors and into a wilderness space or if you must purchase something, consider giving a home to a plant being. Venus-Saturn is also a reminder that it is NEVER TOO LATE. It is never too late to learn to love ourselves. It is never too late to find love. It is never too late to bloom into the person you imagined you would be.

24 August Mercury opposite Neptune. Moon in Aries.

Set alarms and reminders as the energy today is foggy and forgetful. Misunderstandings are also possible. This is a “Why me?” aspect that may have you wondering why you keep attracting certain types or situations. A clue: it has to do with your beliefs. The best way to work with this energy is to pray, create (paint, draw, sing etc) and avoid any serious business if possible. When the Moon enters Aries later in the afternoon, you may have a better sense of things.

25 August Venus opposite Chiron. Mercury trine Pluto.

Your feelings may get hurt with Venus opposing Chiron. If your primal wound is centered around your looks, today may find you especially sensitive to criticism - perceived or otherwise. Mercury, in a harmonious aspect to Pluto, invites deeper conversations. This is explorative energy. What are the gaps in the information you have on hand? Today is an excellent day to fill in those gaps and to get answers to the deeper questions.

27 August Moon in Taurus.

You will want pancakes or French toast for breakfast. This is a day for delicious food and quiet time spent with family.

29 August Sun square the nodes.

The theme of orientation continues. A cosmic stop sign may rise up today. A clue that you are trying to move too fast or skip a necessary step. What work needs to be done in order for you to become the person you want to be?




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