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The Week Ahead 24-30 January

24 Jan

Mars enters Capricorn

Mars is exalted in Capricorn. In the sign of the sea goat, Mars pushes forward despite real or imagined obstacles or barriers. Capricorn is the sign that encourages us to find our place in the world. You will now have the energy and drive to go after what you want in the house occupied by Capricorn in your birth chart. For example: If Capricorn is your 10th House you will now feel more motivated to pursue career goals. If Capricorn is your 6th House, you'll be determined to meet your fitness goals...

25 Jan

Mercury Rx enters Capricorn

Mercury will help us re-focus on our goals. This is your opportunity to get more organized by introducing practical processes and systems at work and in your everyday life. Goals may come up for review. What goals remain? What has fallen away?

26 Jan

Mercury retrograde in Capricorn trine North Node in Taurus

Conversations are fated. Listen for possible clues to your life’s direction.

28 Jan

Sun sextile Chiron

Healing vibes. New insights emerge from the shadowy depths. An opportunity to heal a father wound or trauma inflicted by men.

29 Jan

Venus stations direct. Mercury conjunct Pluto.

Venus moving direct again is good news for relationships but also a cosmic reminder to stop trying to prove your value and to move forward in the knowledge that you are worthy not because of what you have but because you exist.

Mercury in Pluto makes this a good day for therapy or talking to a trusted friend or mentor. Also a great day for troubleshooting or having an important talk with a higher up (your boss for example). Be aware though that this aspect can increase obsessive thoughts.

30 Jan

Sun square Uranus

There’s a chance something unexpected may come up today that’s going to either ask you to level up and try something new (even demand a radical change of perspective). This is two- roads -opening - up before - you energy. Which road will you choose? The square indicates tension; a struggle for freedom. Ultimately what needs to be sacrificed is some aspect of your ego.