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The Week Ahead, 26 July - 1 August

26-July Pisces Moon

The Moon is in Pisces and while no longer in close conjunction with Jupiter, she is still traveling through the sign of compassion and intuition. The Moon is also opposite Venus in Virgo and on her way to meet up with dreamy Neptune. While this Moon-Venus opposition can result in moodiness and overindulgence (I am writing this while eating my third slice of blueberry cake) the prevailing energy today is soft, magical and auspicious. The Moon in Pisces is creative, intuitive, sympathetic and connected to the Divine. Pay close attention to your dreams and intuition and while you should always try to keep a positive mindset and only think good thoughts about yourself and others, do your best to affirm in the positive today because today is a powerful day of manifestation.

Worth noting, Shravana month started over the weekend (day of the Full Moon and ends August 22nd). In the Hindu calendar, Shravana is an auspicious month for the worship of Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva is known as Maha Dev, which means Greatest God. This is the month Shiva was reunited with his wife, Sati, who incarnated as the Goddess Parvati. If you’ve been following me for a while you will know that I highly recommend a Lord Shiva mantra practice for peace of mind and protection.

28-July Mercury enters Leo

Mercury in Leo is creative, confident and dramatic. This is what I like to refer to as a Real Housewives transit. Watch for a tendency to overreact. With both the Sun and Mercury in Leo we will be seeking more attention than usual (unless you are on a reality tv show) and sometimes this need for attention will make us say things we will regret later on. Also watch out for a tendency to skim over the details or miss important information in your haste to be heard. On a more positive note this is a highly creative and romantic transit. Express yourself!

29-July Venus square the Nodes. Mars enters Virgo. Mars opposite Jupiter.

Mars in Virgo is going to help us get things done in a disciplined and methodical way. We are going to be checking boxes but do make time for rest! Mars in Virgo can make us obsessive about things like cleanliness and hygiene. A gentle reminder that you don’t have to wash the towels every day. Venus square the Nodes indicates a day when we will learn an important and karmic lesson via a partner or a creative project that we are currently revisiting and may have ties to our childhood needs our attention and commitment. Mars opposite Jupiter often manifests as impulsive behaviour that leads to regret. Watch that you don’t overdo things physically.

31-July Sun sextile North Node

A surge of creative energy. A boost to your career. A powerful, healing conversation with your father/a father-figure or a leader.

01-August Mercury conjunct Sun.

Speak your truth. Highlight your talents and achievements.



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