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The Week Ahead 28 Feb -5 March

28 Feb

Moon in Aquarius

The Moon is in Aquarius and in her waning crescent phase. She will be void from 6pm PT to 12:20pm PT, 1 March. Today is a good day to tie up loose ends or finish a project. When the Moon is in Aquarius we tend to be in the mood to interact more with others, however you may want to spend as much time as possible on your own as the Moon will square Uranus in Taurus. There is potential for conflict today because you won’t hesitate to voice your contrarian opinions or eccentric ideas. Anxious feelings will also be heightened today. Meditate. After the Moon conjoins Saturn she will go void-of-course until Tuesday afternoon.

02 March

Sun sextile Uranus. Mercury conjunct Saturn. New Moon in Pisces.

A shattering truth or realization may strike today. However people in your immediate circle are not ready to hear what you have to say and it is neither tactful nor enlightened to shout from the rooftops just because you feel like you might explode. Use your newfound knowledge to liberate yourself on the inside. Mercury conjunct Saturn invites us to step back and look objectively at serious issues or problems. Ask yourself: What’s not working? (Saturn always asks WHAT questions. Mercury follows up with suggestions).

I will write a longer post on today’s New Moon in Pisces.

03 March

Mars conjunct Pluto. Venus conjunct Pluto.

War. Inner and outer conflict. An abrupt ending to a situation or relationship. An intense power struggle.

05 March

Sun conjunct Jupiter

The luckiest day of the year. A day sparkling with optimism and joie de vivre. Embrace broader realms of experience. Celebrate nature. But do watch out for feelings of entitlement.