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The Week Ahead 28 June - 3 July

28 June - Mars trine South Node (10º Sagittarius)

This aspect asks us to call on past experiences in order to achieve a goal. For example, if you’re applying for a job do not leave out potentially relevant experiences even if they seem insignificant to you. Something in your past holds the key to your future. This aspect can bring people from your past back into your life.

Saturn and Uranus square (applying)

The ongoing Saturn and Uranus square asks us to make changes while still adhering to rules and certain traditions, principles or processes. Saturn is about slow change, Uranus wants everything done yesterday so while you may feel tempted to rid yourself of everything that has held you back until now from living a more carefree and exciting life (Uranus), Saturn wants you to behave responsibly. This aspect is absolutely about COVID and a reminder to keep wearing your mask.

1 July - Mars opposite Saturn

A challenging aspect that signifies pushing back against authority. “Hot and bothered” energy. On the positive side this aspect usually results in the need for boundary-setting. Events leading up to this aspect will reveal exactly where you need to create and maintain boundaries.




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