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The Week Ahead 28 March -2 April

Updated: Mar 29, 2022

As the month of March draws to an end, I invite you to spend some time in reflection of what Spring means to you. If you live in the Southern Hemisphere, reflect on Autumn.

In the Northern Hemisphere we are celebrating Persephone’s return from the Underworld, with her mother, Demeter.

For those of us who have planted literal seeds we are glad to see their little green fists pushing upward through the dark soil at this time. There are also many of us, apprenticed to Nature, who are aware of the first stirrings of those internal and symbolic seeds we sowed during Imbolc.

In my part of the world, Nature has awakened in a cacophony of sound and the bravest bears have already ventured down the mountain and into the suburbs. Earlier this month crocuses held my attention as you will undoubtedly have noticed if you follow me on Instagram :) but now I am enraptured by delicate blossoms and daffodils who like cups of sunshine, brighten gardens, pathways and wild meadows. By late March everything is pushing up and bursting out and this correlates beautifully with the Sun’s entry into the sign of the Ram, Aries (21 March). The Sun is exalted in Aries and here the Sun is youthful. The Sun is like a child. Eager, energetic and willful. If anything real and heart-aligned is to get done during the Sun’s transit through Aries, we must behave "as children".

Yesterday (27 March) Mercury entered Aries and we’re finally able to put into words what is emerging for us. Perhaps it is a vision, perhaps a new sense of self or perhaps you have unshackled yourself from your past. And by "past", I ask you to include the person you were yesterday, or last year.

We emerge with the sun. We bring more warmth - more sunshine - into our dealings with others. We shake off the gray coat of Winter and dance.

Journal Question:

Who would you be if the child within you was allowed to blossom and grow?

28 March - The waning Moon in Aquarius joins Venus and Saturn. The Venus-Saturn conjunction is good for establishing long lasting friendships but otherwise Venus here can behave in a detached and aloof manner. Don’t expect much sympathy/hugs and cuddles today.

29 March - The Moon enters Pisces.

30 March - Venus squares the lunar nodes. The question that is probably going to end up in your mind's inbox today is “What makes me different?” (cue the Backstreet Boys song What Makes You Different Makes You Beautiful). Personally, I have been trying to answer this question since Venus’ entry into Aquarius. Venus here, demands the fostering of authentic self-expression. This aspect usually brings up issues around money, self-esteem and relationships that stem from old beliefs. Unfortunately the Pisces Moon is not going to assist us in making any logical progress regarding these issues, but do pay close attention to whatever comes up for you today. The Pisces Moon trines the South Node today making it an excellent day for spiritual work and prayer.

31 March - The Moon enters Aries and conjoins Mercury. FEISTY. Maybe don’t say everything that comes to mind today.

1 April - New Moon in Aries! Happy New Year! I’ll write a longer post on this.

2 April - Moon enters Taurus. Perfect day for pancakes and/or waffles. Get your hands in the soil. Walk in nature.