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The Week Ahead 28 November - 4 December

28 Nov

Sun conjunct Mercury (7º11 Sagittarius).

This is a superior conjunction which means Mercury is very close to the sun and opposed to the Earth. It marks the end of Mercury’s appearance in the morning sky. Mercury takes on a Full Moon quality at this time. If you put in the work during Libra Season (Mercury’s inferior conjunction) then you will be reaping the rewards at this time.

The Sabian symbol for the superior conjunction is Cupid Knocking At The Door of The Human Heart. This degree speaks to the need for showing love and softening boundaries. Practice flexibility of the heart. Show up for the people you care about in a meaningful and loving way.

29 Nov

Mars trine Neptune

“All began in love, all seeks to return in love. Love is
the law, the teacher of wisdom, and the great revealer of mysteries.”
Starhawk (Mars trine Neptune)

An excellent day for dreamwork, spiritual practices and worship. You may feel called to live your “higher purpose” or feel the need to be of service to others. This transit can be physically depleting (probably because you were extremely active on the astral level the night before). Energy improves later in the day when you feel more inspired to put your imagination to work. There’s a strong focus on the spiritual and romantic today.

30 Nov

Mercury trine Chiron and sextile Saturn. Sun trine Chiron and sextile Saturn. Venus sextile Neptune

An opportunity to heal a wound relating to your father or father figure. An invitation to raise your self-esteem. Write a love letter to yourself. Acknowledge, share and celebrate your wins.

Mercury sextile Saturn: Humility breeds authenticity. Acknowledge that you are human and fallible. You attract more flies with honey than with vinegar. Be polite. Venus sextile Neptune: Relationships can experience a renewal or healing if you show empathy. Shadow side of this transit includes, romantic illusions, sentimental fantasies and sensory escapism (drug and alcohol abuse).

01 Dec

Neptune stations direct 20º Pisces

If you’ve been unable to articulate or give form to a creative dream that will change now. However, you may only get going in January which is when Neptune moves to 21º Pisces.

04 Dec

Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius

More to come but this solar eclipse brings a destined new direction/ new beginning that will play out over the next six months. The eclipse is on the south node so something (belief, possession, label etc) or someone has to go. The solar eclipse will be visible over Antarctica and the southernmost tips of South America, Africa and Australia. On a mundane level, people in those regions will be most impacted by this eclipse. And on a personal level anyone with planets at 9º -12º Sagittarius, Pisces, Gemini and Virgo will start a new chapter.



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