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The Week Ahead 3-9 January,2022

03 Jan

Mercury trine North Node

Moon is void from 08:20 AM to 2:43 PM PT today, after which she enters Aquarius. Don’t commit to doing anything important like applying for a job during those hours. Void Moon periods are good for reflection, planning and organizing.

Mercury trine the North Node makes this a good day to align with your soul’s purpose.

Journal prompts:

What is the essence of your true Self? Are you here to serve, to teach, to lead, to nurture, to beautify, to heal…? What do you know to be true at a deep, mitochondrial level about your life’s mission?

If you need help aligning with your soul's purpose, consider booking a Vocational Reading.

Don’t stress about coming up with a “working” description of your mission, instead stitch together the words that best describe the state of being that would give rise to what you are seeking.

I offer you my life purpose, as an example:

I am a channel for Grace. I live and teach the sacred.

04 Jan

A void Moon starts at 4:44 PM PT today (and runs until tomorrow at 4:16 PM).

05 Jan

Venus sextile Neptune

Void Moon until 4:16pm PT. Avoid sending out important documents or emails. If you want eyeballs on your work, today is not the day to hit publish or send.

Venus sextile Neptune makes this a beauty-filled day that evokes the sacred in the so-called ordinary or mundane. Neptune encourages devotional/spiritual practice and Venus happily submits with heartfelt offerings: roses, poetry, prayer, chanting, journal art, incense... You may find a new appreciation for another person, music or art form. A sense of higher love or purpose will help soften your attitude or approach to another.

09 Jan

Sun conjunct Venus (Inferior Conjunction of Venus).First Quarter Moon in Aries. Sun sextile Neptune.

When Venus is retrograde and in the heart of the Sun we call it an “Inferior or Interior conjunction”. Venus will shift from “Evening Star” to “Morning Star”. The Inferior conjunction is Venus' equivalent of a New Moon. This is a powerful day for seeding new values and initiating a new creative cycle. I am holding a free circle on this day at 12:30pm PT and you are invited! The First Quarter Moon in Aries motivates us to reach for our dreams and to go after what we want. Sun sextile Neptune blesses this day with magical vibes that allow for ego transcendence and healing.



P.S. Join our Winter Circle here.


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