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The Week Ahead 31 Jan- 6 Feb

31 Jan/01 Feb

New Moon in Aquarius. Chinese New Year (Year of the Tiger). Imbolc eve.

The New Moon arrives at 9:45pm PT tonight (31 Jan) at 12º19’ Aquarius. There are two major aspects. The Moon is applying to Saturn (conjunction) and moving away from a square aspect with Uranus. This tells us two things; a surprising “something” or “new” energy arrives to help turn the tide in our favour but movement is cautious or delayed.

What could be causing this delay? Well, for one Mercury is still retrograde, and then there is Luna applying to conjoin Saturn, encouraging serious introspection. There could be demands and certain practicalities to consider before jumping headfirst into the Aquarian waters. Maybe you are swamped at work. Maybe you still have to work through some serious emotional blockages. How badly do you want what you feel you want? And, the key word here is “feel” because the Moon and Saturn say you can have this thing but first you have to suffer through this other thing - like a job you despise or you have to face the fact that you're presently short on options because of money or lack of support.

Take heart. These two, Moon-Saturn, want you to tune into your inner wisdom, to stop comparing and stop wanting what you think you should want at your age. This is a New Moon of discernment and incisive self-honesty. I know you feel it. The need to be radically honest with yourself. The need to be unapologetically YOU.

04 Feb

Mercury stations direct. Mars sextile Jupiter. Sun conjunct Saturn.

Light bulb moment. Heightened feelings of courage and connection to the Divine while the Sun-Saturn conjunction helps steady and balance. Excellent day for uncovering beliefs around age, death and masculinity. Conversations about age and death may come up today.

06 Feb

Mars square Chiron

Triggering. Bravery is measured by how vulnerable you are willing to be. To burn off that psychic or emotional tumour you need courage.