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The Week Ahead 4-9 April

4 April. A day of ups and downs. We started the day either frustrated or with a sense of dread when the Taurus Moon squared Mars and Saturn in Aquarius but that has thankfully eased up as the Moon heads into a trine with Pluto in Capricorn.

Mars conjunct Saturn often manifests as unwelcome or punishing demands from superiors, authority figures or elders. Usually associated with danger and accidents, the conjunction in my experience, brings about a collision of boundaries. You may find people overstepping or taking liberties because you have not set clear boundaries. Mars-Saturn = slow anger and resentment.

Mars and Saturn square the lunar nodes indicates that whatever comes up for you today has a link to the past. You've been down this road before. If you have any personal planets sitting at 21-23º in the fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio or Aquarius) you will experience the most frustration.

5 April. Moon enters Gemini and a message is received and a lesson is learned. Venus enters Pisces. When Venus travels through compassionate Pisces, we are all better at softening the glare and undoing the knots. Love - the kind described in Corinthians 13 - becomes the goal. I'll write a longer post on Venus in Pisces.

7 April. A harmonious sextile from Mercury in Aries to Saturn helps heal a misunderstanding with an authority figure or elder. Excellent aspect for studying and tasks that demand focus and concentration.

9 April. First Quarter Moon in Cancer. A great day to take action on a vision. Home projects are favoured as is anything relating to family and food. Ask for what you need to feel safe and nurtured.




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